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Mothers Message To Kids Goes Viral: Respect the Police [Video]


Mother’s strong message to kids goes viral. Kisa Jackson said that parents need to take ownership of their children’s actions. She added that kids must follow protocol and respect the police.


“I think ownership needs to be placed where it should be and that’s on the parents,” Jackson said. “Do I think the incident was excessive? Yes — but do I think it was necessary? Yes.”

She noted that the video shows kids running from police officers when they arrive on the scene, and said that parents should teach their children that this isn’t the proper way to act.

“You should teach your children that when the police arrive to the scene, you stand there and you wait for instructions,” she said. “You don’t know what’s going on. The police officer does not know what’s going on. “But she wasn’t done there. Jackson also pushed back against those claiming that black kids were targeted by the police.

“Everyone is in an uproar they [restrained] the black kids and not the white kids. The white kids weren’t running. The black kids were,” she said. “And I’m black by the way.”

As for Casebolt’s reaction at the scene, she said he was being rushed by kids and that the teenage girl who was thrown to the ground pulled away from him.

“You cannot pull away from an officer. At that point, that’s a threat,” she continued. “So, he had every right to detain her, from ‘any means necessary’ from Malcolm X.”

Jackson continued, ”What is he supposed to do, calm her down, hold her gently? He’s an officer. You do what an officer says.”The mother did say that she believes “we are dealing with 430 years of systematic genocide” and that nothing has changed, but added that she doesn’t believe all cops are good or bad, for that matter.

“It’s about, again, the parents and teaching our children to respect authority figures, whether it’s an officer, a teacher … a parent walking down the street.”


Texas Mother ‘ Kisa Jackson ‘ Responds to McKinney Pool Party – ‘ White Kids Were Not Running ‘

Jackson was on “Fox and Friends” this morning, where she said she’s upset that the teens in the video didn’t know how to conduct themselves with authority.

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