MSNBC Erupts Into Laughter When Chuck Schumer Responds To Question About The 2016 DNC Primary Being Rigged [Video]


The incompetence and stupidity of the Democrats seemingly knows no bounds. What really irks is the arrogance and disrespect with which they lie to The American People.

The narcissistic displays of anger they employ when confronted for telling those lies and their feigned ignorance of crimes speaks to serious mental health issues.

An enabler is as guilty as the criminal, in my opinion and these people are literally and certifiably criminally insane.

Herman Cain reports:

Asked about rigging, Chuck Schumer claims he ‘didn’t follow’ the Dems 2016 primary process – MSNBC erupts in laughter

Anyone buying that? Anyone? No? Ok.

So far, we’ve discussed how Donna Brazile, Wolf Blitzer, Howard Dean and Elizabeth Warren reacted to claims that Hillary Clinton rigged the 2016 Democrat nominating process. The word “shocked” comes up a lot. We don’t believe – even for a second – that they’re actually shocked, but that’s the word they keep using.

Now, it’s time to find out what Chuck Schumer thinks about it.  Is he “shocked” too? Does he believe that the Dems’ 2016 primary was “rigged?”

Don’t ask him.  He (get this) claims he “didn’t follow it.” That’s right. He’s claiming that, in his position as the top Democrat in the Senate, he didn’t pay any attention to the 2016 primaries.

When you’re done laughing at that, watch the following clip.  You’ll see that even the folks at MSNBC think it’s an utterly hilarious claim.

To quote Joe Scarborough: “Oh my God!”


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