MSNBC Joy Reid: ‘NRA Sent Signals That You Need to Arm Yourself Against Scary Brown People’ (Video)

MSNBC Joy Reid: ‘NRA Sent Signals That You Need to Arm Yourself Against Scary Brown People’ (Video)

MSNBC Joy Reid, “The NRA sent signals that it is the scary brown people you need to arm yourself against.”

On Saturday’s MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid argued that the National Rifle Association (NRA) has made guns a “cultural issue,” adding that they have sent signals that their message is to arm yourself to stay safe from the “scary brown people.”

The NRA has sort of aligned itself with the so-called alt-right,” Reid stated. “They’ve made it a cultural issue and sent signals that it is the scary brown people you need to arm yourself against. It’s crazy messaging. That next generation, very multi-racial, very multi-cultural. They’re not interested in that message.”

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Panel member Nadine Smith of Equality Florida brought up the new gun law that passed in Florida allowing some school staff to carry concealed weapons, arguing that those who want to carry guns in school should be feared as dangerous.

“I grew up in the Panhandle of Florida. The people that you really don’t want having guns in school are the people who really, really want to have guns in school.”

Her statement is ludicrous, she is talking as if anyone would be allowed to carry a gun in school when in fact they would be armed guards and well trained teachers who want to protect their students.

After voicing agreement, host Reid then played a clip of a Democratic state legislator Cynthia Stafford in Florida arguing that black students might be shot by armed teachers by mistake. Reid reacted:

And I want to amplify that point that that is not why the NRA opposed the bill. They are suing because they’re upset the teenagers can’t buy AR-15s. That is what they say is wrong with the bill. They don’t care about that — they just care about the fact that they think — in their view, teenage girls should be able to buy it because they don’t do any mass shootings. Pretty incredible.

Reid agreed with her previous guest’s suggestion that those who advocate gun rights are dangerous as she added:

“The point that the people that want the guns the most and are the most vociferous and, really, extremist about this tend to be people whom you think, ‘Yeah, that is a person I’d like to see restricted'”

Reid then brought up the man arrested for making threats against Jolly and tried to link him to the NRA:

“Do you see that kind of extremism actually now whip sawing now on the NRA and hurting them because they’re associated with people that crazy?”

Jolly began his response:

“Sure, it should, and it’s the product of 20 years of absolutism by the NRA.”

A bit later, the former Republican congressman further railed against the NRA and Republicans:

“The NRA has successfully indoctrinated today’s generation of Republican leaders in Congress, but you’re right, the next generation’s going to be different.”



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