Muslim Author: I Feel Safer In The U.S. Than I Do In Any Muslim Country (Video)


A Muslim American woman is speaking out about what she’s dubbed the “alt-left’s cyber jihad” against President Donald Trump and his supporters, Fox News Insider reports.

Author and activist Asra Nomani explained on “Your World” today that the left’s vitriolic reaction to Trump’s policies – such as his temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries – is detrimental to the country.

She said the left may be happy about winning a court battle against the travel ban, but she believes “the left is losing in the court of public opinion.”

Nomani pointed out violent protests like what broke out in Berkeley last week and the “dangerous rhetoric” that’s being used on social media to whip up anti-Trump sentiment can be used by our enemies.

She explained that can be used by extremists in the Muslim to paint America as “hostile to Muslims.”

“What I fear is that the left is in fact cooperating with this narrative,” Nomani said. “I am Muslim. I feel more safe in this country than I do in any Muslim country in the world.”

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