Muslim Bakeries REFUSE To Bake Gay Wedding Cake – Mainstream Media SILENT (Video)

Muslim Bakeries REFUSE To Bake Gay Wedding Cake – Mainstream Media SILENT (Video)

Last week, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission won a case for two Muslim truck drivers who sued their former employer for religious discrimination after they were fired for refusing to make beer deliveries. 


 The jury awarded them $240K saying the company could have done more to ‘accommodate’ them like change their route, or not put alcohol on their delivery trucks. They took the job knowing they would be delivering alcohol. 

In July, a lesbian couple was awarded $150,000. They were offended that Oregon bakery ‘Sweet Cakes‘ would not make them a cake so they sued claiming they suffered ‘emotional, mental and physical damages.’ They forced the Christian family to close their shop and file bankruptcy, over what, a cake they could have gotten down the street.

Here we have Muslim bakeries in Michigan refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding. There was no public outrage, no picketing, no lawsuits filed driving them into bankruptcy like was done to the Christian family. 

Because of President Obama’s public support, Muslims are part of liberal medias protected class and are exempt from persecution. They are not only free to practice their religion, they are encouraged to sue anyone who challenges them.

If you live in Michigan, visit these bakeries and ask them to make you a gay cake, when they refuse sue them. Good luck finding a lawyer who is willing to take on Obama and CAIR, because that is who will represent them. 

Watch the following video from Steven Crowder going into a few Dearboorn Muslim bakeries and asking them to make a gay wedding cake. Every one of them refuses.


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