Muslim Cop Who Shot White Woman Finally Talks- People Horrified By What He Let Slip (Video)


 Killer policeman Mohamed Noor has finally broken his silence.

He has said he was ‘startled’ by his victim Justine Damond seconds before he opened fire.

The cop has told friends about why he gunned down the bride-to-be, 40, in his first account of what happened Saturday night.


The police officer who killed an Australian woman who approached his car in her pyjamas has explained what caused him to shoot.

A friend of the killer cop, who has been suspended by Minneapolis Police Department, told that he reacted after seeing a figure emerge from the dark running towards him.

The friend said: “Mohamed believes he acted to protect himself and his colleague, but accepts since that she was not armed.

“It was over in seconds and it was a very tense moment. He is sorry for the woman and her family.

“But he would never have opened fire without genuinely feeling in danger.”

The friend added that Noor feel he has been “thrown under the bus” by his colleagues, adding: “His colleagues are accusing him of not showing proper police conduct on Saturday night.”

Noor shot Ms Damond, who had phoned police to report a possible sexual assault, once in the abdomen and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her fiancee, Don Damond, has described her death as a “homicide” and is demanding a federal investigation into her death.

Noor and the second officer in the cars did not turn on their body cameras until after the shooting, and the squad car camera was also not activated.

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said forensic testing is being completed and evidence is still being examined before possible charges are brought.

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