Muslim Murders 13 Year Old Daughter in ‘Honor Killing’ Gets 60 Days in Jail


Muslim murders daughter gets 60 days in jail

Under Sharia law, penalties for “honor killings” in which men kill their female relatives for shaming the family or their Islamic faith, are very light. However, it is a sad day… a sad day indeed, when Western nations cater to people who commit heinous crimes, such as murder, and grant them leniency under their understanding of right and wrong. Kill in Saudi Arabia and get off light? Fine. But in Canada? This story is shameful.

This beast, 74 year old Moussa Sedimi, hit his 13 year old daughter, Noutene, so hard for not doing chores that the little girl died, and because he’s a Muslim, the Canadian judge overseeing his case gave him only sixty days in jail.

If a Canadian were to travel to a Muslim country, do you think their justice system would cater to the Canadian if they were to commit a crime? How about having a beer? Something seemingly harmless in Canada, but against the law under Sharia. Do you think the judge would say, “Oh well, he’s a Canadian, so let’s let him off.” No- he would probably sentence the man to one hundred lashings and a hanging.

It’s time the West stands up and starts behaving like the dominant players in world cultures again.


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