Muslim Religious Leader: “Muslims MUST Kill Non-Believers” Sentenced By Norwegian Court (Video)


A video recently surfaced of an interview with a Muslim cleric on a Norwegian TV show. In response to questions about Muslim violence against non-Muslims, Mullah Krekar tells Norwegian TV that not only is it acceptable for Muslims to kill non-Muslims, it is ‘required’ according to the Koran. Further, the imam says that “Muslims have the right to Kill anyone who does not respect Islam.”


Host: For someone who burns the Koran, the punishment, according to Islam, is death, is that correct?

Mullah Krekar: If you burn the Koran, which is an insult, then the answer is clearly yes.

Host: But the man who has burned the Koran, would it be right that he loses his life even though he lives in Norway?

Mullah KrekarMullah Krekar: I know absolutely that he has committed a criminal offense where the punishment is death. The responsibility for carrying out the punishment is on the Ummah, our Muslim brotherhood.

Regardless if he lives in Norway, or if he is Barack Obama, I am not myself threatening the person. I am telling you what is stated in the law. I have told you what is in the Koran and in the Hadith.

I have not pointed at one specific person and said “You, we must kill.”

Host: One of those who burned a Koran is afraid because somebody who listens to you might want to kill him, because you have said that is the punishment according to the Koran. Isn’t there the risk that somebody would listen to you?

Mullah Krekar: He must fear… anybody who follows the Koran… will have to fear the crime he has committed and fear that his punishment will be executed…

Anybody who knows of this punishment can kill him. Anybody. We will defend out religion with our own blood. Our only limits are limits of blood, limits made of explosives.

Those who insult our religion must know that one of us will die. Those who insult our religion and our honor must understand – that this is a matter of life and death.

Host: Would you be satisfied if this man gets killed?

Mullah Krekar: Yes. I would send a gift to the person who kills him. Why wouldn’t I be happy about that?

Host: How would you describe those who attacked Charlie Hebdo?

Mullah Krekar: They were defending their honor, they were defending their holiness… Yes, of course {they were heroes}. They were Jihadists.

NRT TV reported:

SULAIMANI – Kurdish cleric Mullah Krekar was again handed a jail sentence on Friday by a Norwegian court for threats he made during a television interview earlier this year.

NRT correspondent in Norway Karwan Khanaqini said Krekar, whose real name is Najmaddin Faraj Ahmed, was sentenced to 18 months in jail and ordered to pay 75,000 Norwegian Krone ($8,800 USD).

Krekar’s brother Khalid Ranjdar published a statement to his Facebook page that said, “The court’s decision came after Krekar had threatened Halmat Goran in an interview with a Norwegian channel.”

Goran had reportedly posted a video on Youtube showing him burning a Koran.

Faraj denied threatening anyone, but admitted to saying, “Anybody killing Halmat Goran would receive rewards.”

Read the full story here.

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  1. Lacking Sense 101 again. If someone intends harm believe them, take appropriate action and let due process state otherwise.

  2. By law in the U.S.A. we have the RIGHT to defend ourselves against anyone who threatens our life in a way that is believable, now since this turd speaks for ALL who worship the Quran and it is there believes that all nonbelievers should be killed. Now Ifor that’s not a threat to our life’s, I don’t know what is! Who wants to go muslim hunting here in the U.S.A and protect our lives, the life’s of our families and the lives of our countrymen???

  3. What if someone is baiting a Muslim into trying to kill him so he can kill the Muslim be easy enough to do with this attitude of the Muslims


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