Muslims Cry ‘Racism’ When Told Not To Wash Their Feet In Public Bathroom Sink


Muslims are crying ‘racism’ after an office worker placed a sign in a men’s bathroom in an office building in protest to Muslim workers washing their feet in the sink before their daily prayers. 


Mohammad Faisal said it is his ‘religious right’ to wash his feet in the bathroom sink saying, ‘it’s about being respectful to my religion’ as controversy brews over a sign banning Muslim staff from washing their feet in city office public sinks before their daily prayers.

If he feels this strongly, why not bring a bucket and wash his feet outside. 


Mohammad Faisal (pictured) washing his feet in the sink of a public restboom

 Daily Mail reported that an anonymous building worker had sparked outrage by placing a sign on the men’s bathroom door of a Sydney city office block in an attempt to ban Muslims from washing their feet in the sink before their daily prayers.

The sign, which has a cartoon of a man with one of his feet in a sink and surrounded by a circle with a slash through it, was placed on the door of the men’s toilet of an office block on Pitt Street, in Sydney’s business district.

The sign is believed to have gone up on Wednesday, just days after a building worker queried one of the shop workers who use the toilet.

Mohammad Faisal, a business student who works 20 hours a week in the convenience store, told Daily Mail Australia that Dhuhr and Asr – two of the five daily prayers required by his religion – fall during his 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift at the shop.

He said that, as was the custom, he washed his hands, his mouth, his head and his neck, as well as his arms, and then placed his feet one at a time into one of the men’s rooms’ two sinks.

Faisal’s manager told his superior, who then contacted Muslim community advocate Zaky Mallah, out of outrage for the building employee’s alleged attempt to prevent working Muslims from using the sink for their ablutions.


This cartoon was stuck on the men’s bathroom door, depicting a man washing his feet in the sink with a ‘banned’ slash through the image

“This country has freedom of speech but that cartoon is racist and it is taking freedom of expression too far,” Mallah said. “When was it a crime to wash up in a men’s room for Muslim prayers? It happens everywhere around the world. When Muslims want to perform their five daily prayers they have to go and wash up. And it would be happening around Australia every day for Muslim men, and women too. Possibly this man [who put up the cartoon] thought he was being funny, but this is a ridiculous joke and it is intimidating people going about daily business.”

He said that, as was the custom, he washed his hands, his mouth, his head and his neck, as well as his arms, and then placed his feet one at a time into one of the men’s rooms’ two sinks.

‘When was it a crime to wash up in a men’s room for Muslim prayers? It happens everywhere around the world.




How do you feel about this… would you want to use a counter and sink where people put their dirty feet? 

Read the full story at Daily Mail

Photos courtesy of Daily Mail




  1. Public Bathroom sinks are for face and hand washing regardless of your religion…If you must wash your feet to pray then get a basin and fill it with water and do it the proper way as not to spread germs from your feet on and around an area where others will be washing their hands and face.

    • So, two references to Sydney and one to Australia, yet you come to the conclusion that this guy is in America. Maybe learn some basic geography? Or how to read? Imbecile.

  2. Wash your nasty feet at home when you shower!! Why should other people have to wash their hands after going to the restroom when someone washed their sticking feet in the sink, unsanitary!! They live in our country, if you want your feet washing done just anywhere, then go back to your country!! Next they will want to bathe in public sinks!! SO SICK AND NASTY!!!

  3. This, again, as said many times – is America. Work restrooms are for washing hands and maybe face – they are not “mini-tubs” to wash your nasty feet in. WHAT is happening to this country?? Why is all this crap coming about? If you don’t want to wash your feet IN your home – then go BACK home! NO ONE wants to wash their hands and/or face in a sink that your dirty (or even CLEAN) feet have been in! GO HOME!

    • You might want to actually read an article before commenting, it says it is in Sydney and refers to Australia a few times, not America. Maybe learn some world geography? Fucking idiot -.-

      • The article also says that it happens all over the world. Try reading the whole article and you won’t look like a fool.

  4. ok: it’s inconvenient for them in the western world to do their ritual cleaning.
    > but -Think- : they wash these parts of their bodies -five- times a day, and put them back in socks/shoes (in most western countries & northern climates).
    -the feet aren’t likely to be as “dirty” as you may think.
    > most people’s -hands- are in contact w/ contaminated surfaces, so anyone’s feet don’t see the light of day (unless you’re all in a warm climate where sandals are permitted in the workplace, then, they’re still 4 times ‘cleaner’ than the non religious-foot-washer.
    Next: western concepts of sanitation, came -from- these cultures, way back in the crusades era; the middle-eastern culture knew how to properly cleanse wounds & prevent infection.. (though: soap came from the west; though most anglos’ didn’t bathe but annually or monthly, and rarely through the winter months).
    in restaurants(and pre-op hospitalrooms): there’s a special “hand-washing sink”, but everywhere else: standard bathroom sink applies.
    > homeless people wash their entire bodies, part by part, after ? days, in some public sinks.
    Those are the facts, so adjust your perspective about who’s biologically cleaner.
    Second point: do you want this ‘instance’ to -mandate- all new construction to include a special, tiled prayer-washing accommodation? That’d be next on “their” agenda; talk about inconveniences (unless you’re a plumber or professional tiler; then you’re set for the next 2 decades as their population & influence increases).
    Third: they should’ve gone to H.R. and opted for a basin that’d fit the sink (and lowered to the floor for use)or a plastic tub & quick-connect hose under the sink, to be implemented.(versus a -permanent-, high-cost installation for -every- place, mandated by a new accommodation ‘law’.. (let’s keep it -off- the books as long as possible, eh?
    Just because it’s not ‘your faith’ (or non-faith) doesn’t mean there should be no accommodation < that only gets lawyers richer, (and establishes their 'rights' into law/ making the minority richer, lawsuit by lawsuit) < 10% of income goes back to the homeland, annually, just so you know.
    Think bigger than your immediate, uninformed reaction; if this 'other' group wants to integrate, let's keep it flexible & non-litigious as long as the majority can.. make their requests (lawsuits) appear as an unreasonable accommodation, by giving a 'plan b' that they have to work around the western standard -first-.
    Suppress your 'reaction' to have a well-thought & well-reasoned response, so as to hold the western culture's standard as long as possible; hopefully we can extend certain concessions long enough to encourage the 'other' to conform to -our- culture before they legally make -us-/ the majority, conform to -theirs-.

    • Good response! I just want to clarify that “handwashing” existed in Jesus’ time — in Matthew 15:2-20, the scribes and Pharisees came to Jesus saying, “Why do Thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread.” But Jesus answered and said unto them, “Why do you also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition?” …”Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you saying, “This people draw nigh unto Me with their mouth and honours Me with lips but their heart is far from Me. But in vain they do worship Me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

    • Have you ever gone into a restroom after they have washed up prior prayers? I have. Water everywhere. Maybe if they had some consideration for others they’d clean up the mess before leaving.

  5. They should wash them in the toilet when their religion and Mohammad and flush it because their both pieces of shit!!!

  6. This isn’t about race or racism at all! This is about religious freedom. No one is stopping them from washing their feet in an appropriate place so they can pray, and an office is not the right place. An office is for getting work done, not for bathing. Let them scream racism, but I would also scream if I saw anyone washing their dirty feet in a public restroom. I also have a right to use a clean bathroom. Uh, A.C., you also need to concede to what the majority think is wrong with this picture. This is part of what society calls ‘unacceptable.’ This is not a knee-jerk reaction. Concessions can be made to have them wash their feet elsewhere, such as in their own home which is where most people wash their feet, and therefore, people may be more accepting of this practice. Even if these comments are reactions, people have every right to object just as much as the people who are washing their feet in public sinks are screaming ‘racism.’ If it’s a mere inconvenience to go home and wash, then they are assuming it’s okay to trample on the rights of the workers.

  7. If they ‘need’ to wash their feet they should bring their own foot bath to use. It need not be supplied by HR A. C.! It’s not a AMA right.

  8. I am just trying to be nice and throw a idea out there for the Muslims that loves this country and all that it has to offer. It the Muslims faith requires them to be clean before prayer , then that is completely understandable. Christians,Catholic and all other religions ask of us to to something in one way or other to prepare before prayer. My suggestion is wipes. Hand wipes, baby wipes, alcohol wipes there are many to choose from. That makes it more hygienic for everyone’s. And if you think about it they say they wash their mouths as well. The public bathroom sink handle are one of the nastiest places to touch .
    But like I said , I’m just throwing an idea out there.

    • (Catholics ARE Christians, dear.) I don’t think the wipes thing will work, as their faith practices instruct that they rinse a specific number of times…

  9. Yes, and it’s racist to call the Islamist Muslims disgusting troglodytes when they advocate drinking camel urine for medicinal benefits, not washing their hands when performing nursing procedures, let alone as doctors performing surgeries, not to mention their forcing women to have their clitoris genitals cut off because of their cultural sharia customs-aka physical slave branding torture as property, like clipping the wings of birds to keep them grounded.

  10. This is what happens when you bring to the United States third world people with different or no social mores.

    • “This is what happens when you bring to the United States third world people with different or no social mores.”
      The American Indians would agree with you 100% on that sentiment.

  11. I was raised to be considerate of others, even at the inconvenience of myself. This guy (or these people) only care about themselves and what they want. There is absolutely no social awareness or care for others.

  12. Islam is NOT a race. It’s a religion. The word ‘islamophobia’ was invented by fascists and is used by cowards to control morons.

  13. I think the problem is that we are always expected to change things for other religions benefit.
    Integration means both parties joining not just one.
    If I was a Muslim man in a non Muslim country I would have no problem bringing my own bowl to wash my feet in.
    Imagine going to an Islamic country and demanding they change their rules and laws for us??

  14. the place they work for should schedule his work so that he is not there during his hours of prayer…problem solved.

  15. Muslims are totally different from other human beings. When other human beings go this way, they go in different way.

  16. What’s wrong with using handiwipes in private instead of a public sink?

    Also, racism? Would that be the xenophobic race, the imperialistic race, the supremacist race, the misogynistic race, or the submission race? (The Arabic word for Submission is Islam)

  17. When did religion become a racial issue? There are Chinese Muslims as there are Filipino Muslims as there are Arab Muslims. Please be accurate in your protests.

    Besides, haven’t prayers made in public places (whether Christian or Muslim) been banned already in most first world countries as it may offend non-believers?

  18. muslims need to stop calling racism it makes them appear stupid considering it is a religion not a race!! and filthy behaviour should be banned in public spaces…clean yourself at home!!

  19. Muslims bathe ?? I learn something new every day. Hey you Camel smoking **sholes, you don’t like it? go back to your own s**thole country.

  20. Islam isn’t a race therefore it isn’t racist. I’m tired of all the cries of racism over beliefs. Beliefs aren’t race, race by definition are not changeable beliefs are.

  21. it is not racist at all please! its disgusting they do that in a sink.. maybe they should bring a basin from home and clean up after they are done if they dont then say well we tried to appease you but you didnt abide by the rules either so nope not no more.. and yes this is an attack on their religion not racism at all. but hey once the LGBT get there law in place they too wont have rights hahaha


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