Muslims IRATE When They See This Sign Plastered In Wisconsin Store Window


Shoppers arriving at a local supermarket at Woodman’s Market in Wisconsin on Tuesday were met with a surprise in the window of one store that left some customers in utter disgust.

The sign was a simple message to Muslims living in the area, one that they, and sympathizing shoppers did not appreciate.


The sign was posted inside the main entrance on a wall with community posters and advertisements, and was specifically addressed to Muslims.

Non Muslims found the sign offensive as well. This crude cardboard sign was causing an uproar and prompted liberal TV stations to ‘investigate.’ Customers complained that it was offensive, racist and called it a hate crime.

Look, if black people going around and knocking out white people is not a hate crime than this sign certainly is not either.

If Muslims going around with hatchets and machetes stalking Americans is not a hate crime than this is not either. This could be classified as a harmless prank with a message.


With news crews on the scene demanding action to what everyone is calling an “anti-Muslim hate crime,” store officials immediately ripped it down, insisting they were unaware that it was there.

Since it was posted on a community board, it was not necessarily placed there by a Woodman’s employee. Anyone in Oak Creek could have put it up, but nobody is claiming responsibility for it.

Fox6 reported:

“I think that is offensive. Especially here in Oak Creek, after everything that happened with the (Sikh) Temple and the controversy,” a customer said.

On August 5th, 2012, six people were murdered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin — just up the road from the Woodman’s store in Oak Creek.

“It`s just unbelievable. Basically what we`re doing — we are fighting hate with hate, instead of the American ideal which is let`s fight hate with democracy and equality,” Mai McCarthy said.

It’s unclear who posted the message.

Woodman’s officials took down the note, and ripped it up as soon as FOX6 News brought it to their attention.

Mad World News adds that whoever wrote this has a right to their opinion, and they make a valid point. Any Muslim coming to America on the claim that they’re here to experience our better way of life, should welcome and adapt to our culture.

If they want to change it, they should have stayed where they were or they should go back to their people. Otherwise, it’s clear that their only intent in being here is to systemically make America just like the Middle East. We don’t have to accept that, and need to stand up against it.

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  1. I find it rather interesting that the Sikh Incident was mentioned. As the calendar nears the end of 2015, no one remembers those Sikhs who were martyred by those who operated on the convert or die

  2. Model. Go read about Sahibzadeh Zorowar and Fateh Singh. You will never see bricks the same way again.

    Atr they jihadis? Are they sympathizers? Are the dissimulating? Will we be unable to enjoy life because we could be dead at any moment? Must the Constitution be a suicide pact?


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