Nancy Pelosi Evicts Vice President Mike Pence From His House Office


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi kicked Vice President Mike Pence out of an office that was given to him by former Speaker Paul Ryan in early 2017 as a symbolic gesture after President Trump’s inauguration. Before becoming vice president, and Indiana governor, Pence served 12 years in the House and was close with Ryan, and respected by fellow GOP leaders.

While Pence rarely used the office, and he still has an office in the Senate wing, where he serves as president, the Vice President has historically enjoyed such an office near the Senate. The gift has always been symbolic, more than practical – but it’s removal can be seen as purely political. Regardless, to do so without notifying the Vice President, was petty on Pelosi’s part, and very disrespectful.

Pelosi simply had Pence’s placard removed, while a House Democrat aide confirmed to NPR that the space would be used for other purposes. “Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress,” the aide said.

CSPAN producer Craig Caplan shared before-and-after pics, from 2017 and this week:

Pelosi has not spoken on the matter, but the aide said that she will be offering additional space to the White House legislative affairs team. Pence’s office has yet to comment on the matter.