Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Would Have Been Gone By Now’ If Hillary Had Won (Video)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was speaking with reporters on Friday, and stated that had Hillary Clinton won she would be gone by now, “If Hillary had won, I was ready to go home,” saying she now is motivated to stay to protect Obamacare. “If she were there, then I would not worry about that.”

Pelosi said that the Affordable Care Act is “a pillar” and that if Clinton was in office, she wouldn’t worry about the ACA going away. Pelosi continued that “we all knew she would win – we knew” and blathered on about how shocked they all were that President Trump won.

“None of us thought Hillary would win. We all knew she would win,” Pelosi told reporters. “It was really shocking that somebody like Donald Trump could be president of the United States. … But anyway, that motivated me to stay.”

Pelosi’s remarks to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast is the first time she has made the declaration publicly.

The California Democrat wouldn’t say Friday whether she intends to stay in the post in 2018, a job she first won in 2003, telling reporters she’s making decisions “one day to the next,” according to Politico.


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