Nancy Pelosi: There is “Nothing” Democrats Will Trade In Exchange For Border Wall (Video)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made it perfectly clear that if the Democrats take back the House in the 2018 midterm elections, they will trade “nothing” in exchange for President Trump completing construction of the border wall. NOTHING.

Since Donald Trump took office, the obstructionist Democrats, with the help of the mainstream media, have made it perfectly clear that their agenda is to obstruct Trump’s administration at every opportunity. Regardless, Trump has managed to accomplish every one of his campaign promises except one – building the wall.

President Trump completing construction of the border wall will not only secure support with his base, and many moderates who want to see the wall built, it will stop the flow of thousands of illegal’s that pour over our borders. But more importantly, it will all but ensure his win for reelection in 2020.

Nancy Pelosi was not exaggerating when she stated there is absolutely nothing the Democrats would trade for the wall, she meant it.

Breitbart reports:

During a sit-down discussion with the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School, Pelosi said Democrats will not negotiate on building a border wall and called President Trump’s plan to stop illegal immigration “probably the worst way” to secure the southern border.

When asked by a student what Democrats would be willing to trade for handing over border wall funding — if they win the House — Pelosi responded with a smile, saying “Nothing.”

“We can’t allow [Trump] to say we’re not interested in protecting the border. That isn’t the only way to protect the border,” Pelosi said. “In fact, it’s probably the worst way to protect the border.”

Pelosi called amnesty for all 12 to 22 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. “the place that we have to go,” and called a border wall Trump’s “manhood issue.”

“In any event, it happens to be like a manhood issue for the president,” Pelosi said.

LIVE: A conversation with House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Posted by Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

While Democrats admit that their plan for immigration if they win the 2018 midterm elections is open borders and blocking a border wall, House Republicans have said they will push for full wall funding.

As Breitbart News Political Editor Matt Boyle exclusively reported, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy is introducing legislation that will fully fund a border wall along the southern border, as Trump has demanded.

The McCarthy legislation will provide more than $23 billion in funds to fully construct a U.S.-Mexico border wall and include “Kate’s Law” and the “No Sanctuary for Criminals Act” enforcement measures that specifically target ending sanctuary cities for illegal aliens and tougher penalties for illegal alien criminals.


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