Nancy Pelosi: Trump ‘Afraid of Women, Minorities and LGBTQ Community in Midterms’ (Video)


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said in an interview with San Francisco Bar Area news station KQED, that President Donald Trump is “afraid” of the number of LGBTQ that will be added to the Democratic ranks in the coming election.

KQED anchor Scott Shafer asked her: “Is this going to be another year of the woman, do you think?”

Pelosi responded:

“It is. Oh, we are going to have so many women and that’s why the Republicans are so afraid and that’s why President Trump is so afraid. He’s afraid of all the women, people of color, LGBTQ numbers that will be added to the ranks in the Democratic Party, which is already a majority of women, and people of color and LGBTQ. But it is, it’s going to be larger numbers and it frightens them.”

She went on to say the “fate of the nation as we know it” is at stake in the midterm elections.

“This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans. It’s about who we are as a country,” Pelosi said.

“Ronald Reagan said the vital force of America’s preeminence in the world is every generation of newcomers coming to America. And when we fail to recognize that, we fail to be the preeminent country in the world.”

President Trump is not afraid of the LGBTQ community.

And the gay community is not afraid of the President.


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