Nancy Pelosi: Trump ‘Stooge’ Nunes Is ‘Deeply Compromised’ (Video)


Thursday at her weekly press briefing, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discussed House Intelligence Committee chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) saying Wednesday the intel community “incidentally collected” information on President Donald Trump’s transition team.

Pelosi accused Nunes of being “a stooge for the president of the United States” and therefore was “deeply compromised,” Breitbart reports.

Pelosi said, “Yesterday in another diversionary tactic, from the deflector in chief created some kind of scenario where he either duped or the chairman of the committee was a willing stooge. He committed a stunt at the White House yesterday raising questions about Chairman Nunes’ impartiality, especially given his history as part of the Trump transition team. The Republicans are grasping at straws after their embarrassing performance on Monday, a place where FBI Director Comey confirmed that President Obama did not wiretap President Trump, affirmed an FBI investigation to coordination between the Russian government and individuals of the Trump campaign and whether there was any coordination or connection between the campaign and Russia’s effort to undermine America’s election.”

She continued, “The necessity of an independent investigation is increasingly being recognized. I think that when Chairman Nunes acted the way he did, outside the circle of respect for his committee and his members and his ranking member, outside the circle of just, again, respect for the responsibility that he has as chairman of the intelligence committee by being a stooge for the president of the United States, going to him,  going to the speaker, and going to the press before he even went to the ranking member of the committee — I think he’s demonstrated very clearly there’s no way there can be an impartial investigation under his leadership on that committee. It speaks very clearly to the need for an outside independent commission. As Senator McCain said, no longer does congress have the credibility to handle this one. Chairman Nunes is deeply compromised and he cannot possibly lead an honest investigation. As I said, congress must create a comprehensive, independent, bipartisan commission to expose the full truth about the Trump-Russia connection.”


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