NASCAR Dumps Donald Trump In Favor Of Illegal Aliens Over Protecting Americans


NASCAR joins the ranks of the politically correct insane and dumps Donald Trump for saying we need to secure our borders to protect Americans.


Trump made reference to Kathryn Steinle who was gunned down by illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez on July 1. Trump said the heinous act brought into focus once more the need to build a wall to seal our southern border.

How does NASCAR respond to the policy proposal, they cut ties with Trump, saying it will no longer use “the Trump National Doral Miami resort for its postseason award banquets.” Apparently they prefer our borders open and support illegal aliens to protecting American citizens. 

Breitbart reported:

After Steinle’s murder, Trump said enough was enough. On July 3, he said, “This senseless and totally preventable act of violence committed by an illegal immigrant is yet another example of why we must secure our border immediately.”

Trump described the immigration policies that allowed Sanchez to be in the country on July 1 as “absolutely disgraceful” and criticized other GOP hopefuls for not having the “guts to even talk about it.” He added,  “The American people deserve a wall to protect our jobs, economy and our safety… I am the only candidate who would build it. I will make America great again!”

That same day, NASCAR announced they were severing ties with Trump and cancelling any future official use of “the Trump National Doral Miami resort.”

According to USA Today NASCAR spokesman David Hidgon said:

We were monitoring it closely and started looking at our own relationship with him and how it may have an impact and ultimately made the decision it does not make sense to continue that… We looked at everything that was said and done and we heard from a lot of our partners and friends and factored all that in.

It appears Trumps stance on ‘saying it like it is’ may cost him a shot at the presidency. 

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  1. Donald Trump announced his concern that a multi-convicted felon and habitual Illegal cold bloodedly murdered this young girl as enough is enough. NASCAR replies that they will break all relations with Trump. I say, all of us should break relations with NASCAR! NASCAR no longer has any American interest except to grab American dollar$ They need to go south of the border to their friends and learn how many pesos they can get. I say “No More American Dollar$!”

    • Amen what a bunch of weak stupid ass people first the flag and now these illegal s what a shame for America.all about the dollars and see Trump has lost dollars but fighting for America is more important to him so what does that tell you.he speaks the truth and what every one else wants to say but are too chicken shit to stand up for our rights.all other counties Mexico for one that are strict when it come to breaking their laws or crossing their borders.screw all these Republican ‘s running for president they all need to go over to the Democratic ‘s.what a sad time for our country .I am pissed.

      • NASCAR no longer want to associate itself with the South! Sorry, but they think that they have outgrown their Redneck roots. All of us Rednecks need to distance ourselves from NASCAR. Let hem survive without Redneck dollar$. Let the Liberal agenda keep them in business!

      • you fucking idiot, he is a republican-and you’re touting him, but saying get democrat. it’s fucking demos fucking it up for the rest of us.

  2. so what’s next?? We will be told we can’t celebrate Christmas!! Because it may offend someone!! Come on people, wake up!!

    • NASCAR needs no one but the Liberals who stand for everything that is Un-American! Take the American bucks out of their income. Then, see if they change the tune of the song they are whistling.

  3. Please tell me what is wrong with the American people? Are you tired of your God given freedoms? Are you willing to trade freedom for lawlessness? Do you value welfare above truth and justice for all? God ,please restore our great country!

  4. NASCAR-north american stock car auto racing. nascar started to lose it when they allowed toyota to be in the race. key 4 words up there-north american stock car. toyota-not made here. built here. big difference there. but,in just the last 2 weeks, their true colours have come out even more, making the hard decision(i love watching those boys(1 girl) race and crash) for me to lose respect a little easier. used to look forward to sats. and suns. and race time. just got the nfl now.

  5. He just has the guts to say what no one else will …and is getting punished for it ….what a joke.
    Nascar is going too far on this


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