NEW Color Enhanced Video Shows Hillary Collapsing, Incapacitated, Dragged Into Vehicle

A color enhanced video shows Hillary Clinton completely incapacitated. The only thing holding her up is the woman to her left and the cement post she is leaning on. Her arms are stiff behind her back, her hands appear to be contorted, she is unable to walk and her legs give out.

Her entourage quickly grabs her limp body holding her up, and literally drags her to the van. Because of the seat, it appears as though they had to place her on the floor as they quickly departed for Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.

This took place at the 9/11 commemoration ceremony in New York.


The color enhanced video was removed from the internet. Facebook page Prepare to Take America Back has acquired the only copy known to exist – you can view the video HERE.

Watch it several times and pay close attention to her body, the way her legs don’t work, how her arms are behind her and they had to pull them forward. Notice how they had to literally carry and support her, and then drag her. You can see her feet dragging. If you can, blow the screen up so you can see it larger.


People reported that the following video was posted to NBC’s Facebook page, Clinton left her daughter’s apartment and smiled and waved to the crowd that had gathered. When she was asked about how she was feeling, she said she was “great.” And when she was asked what happened, she addressed the crowd and said, “It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

It is obvious that Bill and Chelsea Clinton, Hillary’s doctors, President Obama, the Feds and countless others close to the Clinton’s are conspirators in a cover-up of mass proportion. They are placing a person with serious health issues in the most powerful position in American government.

The question now remains, who will be running the country if Hillary wins, her, when she is not incapacitated, her vice president running mate Tim Kaine?

It is obvious that Hillary Clinton must withdraw as the Democratic nominee.

So who would her replacement be? According to Heavy, even though Bernie Sanders did not assign his delegates to Clinton at the Democratic National Convention and he had the second-highest number of delegates in the Democratic party, the nomination would not automatically pass over to him if she dropped out. The nomination also wouldn’t automatically pass to the vice presidential running mate either.

According to the DNC’s bylaws and charter, the DNC would have the responsibility of picking a replacement. Exactly how this would be done is not spelled out, except that the members of the national committee would choose who fills the vacancy.

The rules do not require that any kind of special consideration be given to Tim Kaine or Bernie Sanders. However, if someone besides Kaine were picked to replace Clinton, Kaine would remain in the VP spot.

According to Fortune Magazine, historian John Buescher explains in a helpful blog post, it’s the job of the Democratic Party leadership to replace Clinton if she drops out prior to Election Day. Per the party’s by-laws, this would involve the Chairman calling a meeting and a majority of Committee members picking someone else — Tim Kaine or Joe Biden or, well, someone — to be the nominee. Already the guessing games have begun:

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