New FBI Director Wray Admits: “This Place Is Actually Worse Than I Thought” [Video]


Verifying what many of us have already surmised, the new FBI Director confirms that the FBI has morphed into a weaponized tool, full of deep state ‘fixers’ who are loyal to Clinton, Kerry and Obama. Known as the  7th Floor Cabal to some.

FBI Director Wray indicated that these holdovers are working behind the scenes, in many cases, with the CIA and State and against the interests of the FBI.

Sebastian Gorka : told Fox News “I had a senior FBI Agent tell me ‘The 7th floor of the FBI looks at this White House as THE ENEMY’”

True Pundit reports:

Newly-minted FBI Director Christopher Wray is not impressed with the current state of the FBI. In fact, he’s downright downtrodden.

Wray, selected by President Donald Trump to replace fired ex-director James Comey, has shared deep misgivings about the current FBI with trusted insiders since his Senate confirmation.

“He (Wray) sees the FBI has become very political and is no longer independent,” one FBI insider told True Pundit. “Comey and (Robert) Mueller allowed the State Department and the Company (CIA) to infiltrate the Bureau making it hard to know who to trust.”

Wray is suffering the hangover from the curse of the 7th Floor Cabal, the shadowy and rogue group of Hillary-Clinton-backed State Department brass who dictated U.S. policy in private meetings during her tenure and beyond.

Translation? The FBI has become a political tool, especially under Comey and his deputy director Andrew McCabe who have both served at the pleasure of Clinton’s and John Kerry’s State Department.

The once-respected FBI is now merely a weaponized agency infected with Deep State fixers who have employed the resources of the Bureau for political gain and payback, according to several sources.

This is hardly a big secret. Read any news headlines.

Does Wray believe FBI agents are compromised and in some cases corrupt? Insiders said Wray does privately acknowledge there is corruption inside the Bureau and at high-level posts. Publicly, Wray has challenged his agents to resist corruption and dark forces.

“At some point for everybody in this room and everybody in my organization, our integrity will be tested,” Christopher Wray said in October while addressing an audience of inspectors general. “It happens to everybody. It happens to all of us. It could be at a time where we’re being asked to make a decision that is inconsistent with what we know is right and what we know is true, where we’ll be asked to do something without fully thinking it through.”

Wray wants to return the FBI’s ability to function as an independent law enforcement agency, but navigating Clinton’s, Kerry’s and Barack Obama’s loyalist holdovers who are working behind the scenes in many cases with the CIA and State — and against the interests of the FBI —  is easier said than done.

The Deep State’s tentacles run deep. Even in the FBI.

McCabe for instance is a widely considered among colleagues as a political hack at best. There is little reason to hash out his sordid past here, especially as it relates to sandbagging the Hillary Clinton email investigation, while accepting nearly $700,000 from her associates to fund his wife’s political campaign.

But why then is McCabe still serving as deputy director?

FBI insiders said Wray will replace McCabe in due time.

“He (Wray) doesn’t need McCabe working against him right now,” one FBI source said. “There is enough of that to go around without making outright enemies of people not loyal to Trump.”

Insiders say Wray is very methodical and will need to employ such strengths to turn the FBI around.

That might not happen any time soon.

After several weeks on the job Wray’s assessment of the post-Comey FBI was that the Bureau is functioning even worse than he heard through the grapevine of his Justice Department contacts, FBI insiders said.

And now add the Las Vegas shooting investigation debacle to the growing list of dysfunctional FBI operations.



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