New Planned Parenthood Video: Harvesting Aborted Babies Without Consent


A 6th video has emerged that exposes Planned Parenthood selling the body parts of aborted babies without patient consent.  Holly O’Donnell, a technician for StemExpress, who’s job it was to identify pregnant patients and harvest body parts for profit now say’s, “I’m not going to tell a girl to kill her baby just to get money,” O’Donell says of Planned Parenthood, “and that’s what this company does. Straight up. That’s what this company does.”


CBN Reports:

The Center for Medical Progress, the whistleblower who’s been exposing Planned Parenthood’s daily practice of harvesting fetal body parts, has released another video.

The latest video suggests the nation’s largest abortion provider sometimes harvests baby body parts without obtaining consent from their clients.

Holly O’Donnell, a former blood and tissue procurement technician for StemExpress, one of the companies that partners with Planned Parenthood said sometimes they “just take” what the want.

“If there was a higher gestation and the technicians needed it, there were times when they would just take what they wanted. And these mothers don’t know. And there’s no way they would know,” O’Donnell explains.

Federal Law requires patient consent to the tissue donation following a decision to go through with an abortion.

O’Donnell says Planned Parenthood would give StemExpress employees access to patient records and schedules ahead of time so the harvesting company could plan which patient “supply” would be greatest.

“They give you a sheet, and it’s everybody for that day — who’s coming in for an ultrasound, who’s coming in for an abortion, medical or a late-term abortion,” O’Donnell continues.

Another shocking revelation: patients simply seeking a pregnancy test at Planned Parenthood were considered part of the supply.

“Pregnancy tests are potential pregnancies, therefore potential specimens. So it’s just taking advantage of the opportunities,” O’Donnell says.

The undercover videos prompted several congressional investigations of Planned Parenthood and calls to defund the agency continue.



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