New York State Passes Abortion Bill That Allows 3rd Trimester Baby’s To Be Aborted


New York State Assembly voted a resounding 94-49 to approve a bill that would allow third trimester abortions using procedures such as a shot of poison to the baby’s heart by medical professionals who don’t have to be doctors.


For years, New York state legislature has been at odds over a package of bills designed to push the interests of women. The bills have been held up in part because it includes a measure that would promote late-term abortions. Despite strenuous support from pro-abortion Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the legislature has refused to pass the package of bills because of the abortion measure.

AB 6221, would change state law to allow abortions after 24 weeks in cases of both life endangerment and health. Health applies to ‘mental health,’ which means a psychiatrist can deem one ’emotionally unstable’ to forgo the full term and an abortion can be approved. So if a woman changes her mind and has a breakdown that is terms to murder an otherwise healthy baby in the 7th or later term?


Development at 28 Weeks: The baby weighs approximately 2 pounds, 6 ounces, and changes position often at this point in pregnancy. If you had to deliver prematurely now, there is a good chance the baby would survive.

The state Assembly approved part of the package of bills. Specifically, the abortion promotion measure Governor Cuomo strenuously supports.

Life News reported that in a vote of 94-49, New York State Assembly approved passage of AB 6221, the extreme stand-alone 10th point from the previously packaged 10-point Women’s Equality Act, which would expand third-trimester abortions and allow non-doctors to perform abortions. Since 2013, abortion advocates have been holding the Women’s Equality Act hostage to this single dangerous bill, refusing to break the 10-point bill up. This session, however, the will of the voters was finally heard, and the stand-alone bills have been considered.

“Expanding cruel and brutal third-trimester abortions has long been a goal of the anti-life lobby who never met an abortion they didn’t like,” said Lori Kehoe, New York State Right to Life executive director. “With no regard for the fully developed unborn baby who is violently dismembered, or otherwise killed, the New York State Assembly once again put the abortion lobby above New York State women and their children.”

AB 6221, sponsored by Assemblywoman Glick, would change existing New York State law, which currently allows for abortion in the third trimester when the mother’s life is in danger, to allow abortion on-demand throughout all nine months. The law would be changed to allow abortion for any reason deemed “relevant to the well-being of the patient” including physical, emotional, psychological, and familial factors, and the mother’s age.

AB 6221 has no interest in the life of the living, developed, unborn human child, stripping away any protections the smallest members of our human family have.

“We now look once again to the Senate to hold the line in defense of the children which happens to also be in accordance with the will of the rest of the people,” added Kehoe. “It is ridiculous that in 2015, with all the technology at our disposal, we are still arguing whether or not an eight month old baby in the womb deserves protection. It is doubtful that our descendants will look kindly upon this period in our history, when we fought for the right to dismember babies weeks, days and even minutes before birth.”

Are you wondering if a 28 week old baby would survive… ask these children. 



Name: Hazel Odette
Gestation Born: 28 weeks
Weight: 2 pounds 11 ounces
Time spent in hospital:  51 days
Age Now: 1 year old



Name: Charlie
Born: 28 weeks
Weight: 1287 grams
Time spent in hospital: 70 days
Age Now: 17 months old



Name: Indiana Faith
Born: 28 weeks
Weight: 1045 grams
Time spent in hospital: 63 days
Age Now: 2 yrs 11 months



Name: Cooper
Gestation Born: 28 weeks
Weight: 1200 grams
Time spent in hospital:  108 days
Age Now: 6 years old


Photos courtesy of L’il Aussie Prems Foundation


  1. Any normal human being that would do that to a child that will be there at anytime should have poison shot to there heart there are women and me who would love to have a child and can’t cause of medical reasons life is life weather in the womb or out !!!!!

  2. Wtf this is crazy fucking shit I think if she is woman to open her legs she should have to have it and look at it as soon as it comes out how is that fair to another human it’s not it is murder!!!! Anyone who does shit like this needs to go to jail including the people who paused the law Obama needs to put a stop to this lets wait and see if that happens fuck no but wait of course not what was I thinking damn smh

  3. my daughter was born at 25 weeks gestation and is now 18 years old getting ready to graduate. she weight 1 pound 1 ounce this is so horrible not to give these lives a chance. Shame on you all who vote for this.

  4. Can you please look at the legislation and tellme where it says any such thing. All I see is it allows for abortions up to 24 weeks.

    • It would allow non-doctors like nurses, and physicians assistants to perform abortions, and it would extend the “health” exception into the full third-trimester. Health ‘exceptions’ could in effect be determined by a physiologist, and/or psychiatrist based on a patient changing their mind and becoming overly emotional about it. This is clearly an open door for many to use this as a pass to abort a healthy baby.

  5. My daughter was 27 weeks gestation and she weighed 2 1/2 pounds that was 42 years ago and the technology is nowhere near was it is like today. She is a beautiful young lady. Thank God that she survived. If you don’t want your child don’t kill it just give it up for adoption. So many people can’t have children, my daughter included. She would love to have a child. What if you mother didn’t want you the way you don’t want me (your child). Think of that before you make such a drastic decision. You are killing your own flesh and blood.

  6. This is a shame if these women dont want kids get fixed or should i say spade sure are acting like an animal…..I am all for PRO ABORTIONS…NEW YORK YOU SUCK

    • I am pro-life, but I do not inflict my beliefs on those that are not. However, it does not take months to decide you want an abortion! If the law said you have to do it within 4 weeks, women would have to adhere.

    • Snopes is not reliable! They are owned and operated by a mom and pop who are so far left they don’t even use their right hand!

    • Yes, it is true. A woman can abort in her 9th month. AB 6221, would change state law to allow abortions after 24 weeks in cases of both life endangerment and health. Health applies to ‘mental health,’ which means a psychiatrist can deem one ’emotionally unstable’ to forgo the full term and an abortion can be approved. So if a woman changes her mind and has a breakdown that is terms to murder an otherwise healthy baby in the 7th or later term?

  7. if they are going to do it then the women should have the baby and give it up so somebody can enjoy the wonderfulness of having a child

  8. Anyone who had anything to do with passing this hitler shit has a place waiting for them and I would be scared to death for the rest of my life worrying when it was coming because you can bet your ass it won’t be good. Enjoy being in “HELL”assholes !!!!!!!!!!

  9. There are so many people saying that these women should have poison shot into their hearts or that they are going to hell if they do this. Does nobody take into consideration what if there were severe medical complications? What if there was no other option for the mom to live? Aside from that women deserve to choose and there are so many reasons why she may not have had an abortion prior to this time. Can we just respect one another and realize that we all have our reasons and some of them are very valid. Don’t hate if you can help it.

  10. Fucking idiots , murders. I mean in that case you might as well make it where we can go out here and and kill people and get away with it . That’s what the fuck your letting these people do , you going fucking make abuse okay next . This is why our world shit now


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