NJ Man Says ISIS Flag Flown On Porch A Misunderstanding Claiming He ‘Had No Idea’


Mark Dunaway, a 44-year-old Muslim convert says he converted to Islam more than 10 years ago and has long flown a flag that has since been adopted as the banner of ISIS, the murderous jihadist group that claims to have established a caliphate in Iraq and Syria.


Dunaway said the flag was given to him by a friend years ago and that he was unaware that it was used by the Islamic State, the jihadist group that claims to have established a “caliphate” state of strict Sharia law in Iraq and Syria. The group has drawn international condemnation for its unspeakable brutality and intolerance of non-Muslims.

“I hang it every Friday and every Ramadan which ended not too long ago and I keep it up a little longer than I normally do,” Dunaway told FoxNews.com. “I guess some people saw it and got offended so I took it down. I do not support any militant group or anything like that.”

“This is nuts to me,” Dunaway said to FoxNews.com. “It was not my intention to offend anybody. This is not new. I’ve been doing this for ten years.

Dunaway said he had never even heard of Islamic State until this week.

“I try not to watch that stuff,” Dunaway said. “I try not to get involved. I had no idea. This is just something that is part of my regular routine that I hang up.”

After taking the offending flag down, Dunaway replaced it with one bearing the logo of the NFL’s San Diego Chargers flag and kept up the other flag. He says that he often rotates the flags mostly of sports teams that he follows.

Photo courtesy of Google.com



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