Oath Keeper: ‘Our Government Has Committed Treason In Oregon And I Have The Documents To Prove It’ (Video)


Supporters of LaVoy Finicim and the Bundys, Hammond family gather to show support for the suspects in jail, following the Pledge of Allegiance and the reading of the names of the jailed, the attendees proceeded to the steps of City Hall for informational speeches, this video outlines the corrupt hijacking of the judicial process by the Government, and the process needed to proceed.


Intellihub reports PORTLAND, Ore. (INTELLIHUB) — Last Saturday protestors gathered in front of City Hall to show support for those jailed over the occupation of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge which ended with the death of rancher LaVoy Finicum and the subsequent arrest of the primary occupiers.

One of the protestors, a man who was wearing a hat reading “Oath Keepers,” took to the microphone with documents in hand, motioned to a nearby American Flag, and said, “[…] this is what LaVoy sacrificed his life for — this is what the Hammonds represent — this is what the Bundy’s represent — this is what we all represent — we the people.”

The man said:

“With these documents we can indict every single one that I annotated here in this true affidavit. I have about 4000 pages, documents and exhibits whereas evidentiary evidence in putting these criminals behind bars rather than patriots behind bars.”

The Bar Association has hijacked ” all three branches of government […] Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches,” the man said.

“All of these laws are unconstitutional according to Article six, Clause 2, Section 2 of the United States Constitution,” which is “the Supreme Law of the Land.” The man went on to refer to the “Technical Review Team” responsible for hacking up the Constitution, proverbially, into many pieces.

‘These statutes violate our Constitution,’ said the man.

“They went so far as to consider water as a mineral. A mineral — water. It is a God-given right to drink our own water and they are privatizing water as a mineral, which is crazy.”

“So how are we here today,” the man asked the crowd, before giving the answer.

“We got to thank Harry Reid, we got to thank Hillary Clinton, we got to thank Kate Brown, we got to thank the Bush’s, we got to thank Soros, the Koch Brothers, we have to thank Jeff Murphy, Barack Hussein Obama — and I have it annotated in the documents on how they did it.”

The man also referenced Harney County Judge Steven Grasty, who the man said is a “tyrant” and is in “cahoots with Uranium One” the BLM and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

The man said that there is “lots of uranium” in Oregon, which the Department of Energy “uses to make weapons.”

“They made back door deals with Russia and China to sell this uranium — this is why we are here. They committed treason upon our Constitution, they committed treason upon our lands, they committed treason upon our minerals — they should be in prison not the Bundy’s.”

The man said that a “Common Law Grand Jury” must be formed.

When a person from the crowd asked the man “what can we do about it”, the man replied:

“Go to Sheriff Palmer, give him the documents I have in my possession. Get the militia, get the Oath Keepers and every patriot deputized and start arresting everyone all the way from here to Washington D.C. […] fraud has no statue of limitation […] they all need to be indicted.”

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