Obama Accuses Donald Trump And Republicans Of Being ‘Anti-American’


President Obama is condemning Donald Trump, and Republicans for standing up for immigration laws, accusing them of being anti-American.


“You’ve got to recognize that America’s greatness does not come from building walls,” he said at a gala for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. He’s likely referring to Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s dramatic proposal to stop illegal immigration.

Breitbart reported:

Obama said that while “anti-immigrant sentiment” was not new to politics in America, it was wrong, citing the Irish and Italians that once suffered stereotypes similar to Hispanics today. He also dismissed the suggestion that somehow immigrants in the past were all legal, and used a straw man argument to suggest that opponents of amnesty were racist.

“When I hear folks talking as if somehow those kids are different from my kids, as if they’re less worthy in the eyes of God, that somehow their families are less worthy of our respect and consideration and care, as if somehow back in the day everybody had their papers in order when they came here, but now suddenly nobody has their papers in order – I believe we’re better than that,” he said.

He also cited former President George W. Bush, recognizing his push for immigration reform and lamenting the fact that Republicans blocked that reform as well.

“Think how much better our economy would be if the rest of his party got the message,” he said. “Think about how much better off our country would be if Republican politicians hadn’t spent years precisely trying to scare voters with tales of immigrants flooding across our borders and taking our jobs, and destroying America as we know it.”

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  1. I have a dream… that one day… after Donald Trump become our next President he’ll lock your delusional ass up in some kind of mental ward…

  2. As the pot said t the kettle…. The most obvious defence is to accuse those you do not agree with of the very thing you are guilty of.

  3. America no longer benefits from immigration. We are hurt by it. Immigrants dont assimilate anymore. They enable the “1%” to profit even more by accepting lower wages. Fewer low wage immigrants to do the work we dont want to do will raise those same wages for those the will work. A lower profit margin is always better than zero profit margin. Stop flooding the workforce. Stop giving handouts to non citizens paid for by citizens. There isnt a shortage of people in America, stop acting like we actually need more people. We dont, we need a higher percentage of citizens, not residents.

    • Well said. We don’t need more muslims either that, along with illegals, refuse to assimilate. The present republican Congress has no balls to charge the present illegal-in-chief with treasonous behavior against the AMERICAN people.

  4. Well ain’t this just the pot calling the kettle black?
    I, like President-elect Trump have NO problem with LEGAL immigration, it’s these cocksuckers just strolling across our border that stick in my craw.

  5. Mr. Obama is not now nor never has been a Natural Born Citizen. There is abundant proof that his only claim to anything is that his mother was an American citizen. Other than that, father not American and born in Mombasa and adopted by a Muslim so he could attend school there. Never unadopted.
    And he is railing at real natural born citizens about wanting to cut back on immigration….especially the Muslim variety.


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