Obama Acts on His Own: Ignores Congress and the Law!


US Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is the man that Obama deemed worthy enough to allow 5 of the most ruthless Islamic killers this world has ever known to simply walk free to commit future acts of terrorism against America… Really? Anyone else see the irony in this act of treason against We the People; has Obama not shown enough of his Muslim devotion to justify impeachment! If that is not an act of treason against the United States of America, then nothing is!


Muslim terrorists Mullah Mohammad Fazl, Mullah Norullah Noori, Abdul Haq Wasiq, Khairullah Khairkhwa

and Mohammed Nabi Omari, released for 1 American traitor who cost American lives!

A military intelligence source reported to Fox News that since December 2013, a second option was on the table that involved a cash ransom for Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom but Obama chose to act alone and sidestep discussions. While more details emerge, the concern grows over the deal Obama and his administration made that endangers more Americans; the question still remains, why were such measures taken to free Bowe when others with higher rank and importance have been all but abandoned to die at the hands of the Taliban.


These men died looking for Bowe Bergdahl after he reportedly deserted; and Obama releases 5 Taliban for a traitor!

Many Democrats and Republicans have criticized the deal, especially the fact that the Obama administration failed to notify Congress 30 days in advance, as required by law. “The United States has always had a pretty sacred rule, and that is, we don’t leave our men or women in uniform behind,” Obama said Tuesday. The Obama administration justified the operation, citing Bergdahl’s health and safety, which appeared to be in jeopardy. Apparently, others held captive over the years whose health and safety were in jeopardy were not of consequence; example being American Marine Andrew Tahmooressi being held in a Mexican jail for several months. Now we have another act of treason committed by Obama and his administration. At least there are Democrats voicing their outrage, who knows, maybe we will see some justice after all… and yet, why do I doubt it; Obama seems to be untouchable no matter his crime and offense against the Constitution and We the People.


Source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/04/politics/bowe-bergdahl-release/

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/06/04/intelligence-community-largely-ignored-in-taliban-bergdahl-trade-officials-say/

Photos: Google.com

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