Obama And Al Sharpton Pushing For The Federal Government To Takeover Policing The Country [Video]


Al Sharpton is pushing for local police forces to be run by the US Department of un-Justice. 


 Via Joe For America:

 If you like the National Security Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms…

 If you like the fact that the US Department of Education, the IRS, the Food & Drug Administration and darn near every other federal agency have SWAT teams…

You can forget “local law enforcement.”  You can forget about your state legislature or your city being able to pass laws that make sense for your state.  An army of “civil rights” lawyers will be in charge of their idea of law enforcement in the US.  The groundwork has already been put in place.

 All across the nation, preceding Barack Obama’s ascension to his throne, local police departments have been forced to accept “consent decrees” by the DoJ, typically the result of some amorphous “civil rights” violation.  The feds show in a city with unlimited investigative power and an unlimited number of lawyers.  They conduct an investigation and issue a report designed to create a media firestorm that is fanned by the likes of Al Sharpton.  The city is then given a choice, voluntarily enter into a “consent decree” that allows the DoJ to set their policing rules or go to federal court.


These sentiments were expressed by President Obama in 2008.

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