Obama And Clinton Golfing At Martha’s Vineyard – No Doubt Talking About Deleted Emails [Video]

Obama And Clinton Golfing At Martha’s Vineyard – No Doubt Talking About Deleted Emails [Video]

When the world is in a state of complete chaos what does Obama do? He golf’s. Obama is at Martha’s Vineyard on another vacation, this time with former President Bill Clinton, no doubt discussing Hillary’s deleted emails which might very well implicate them all for treason.


Charlie Spiering at Breitbart reports:

After a week of buzz building over a potential presidential candidacy for Vice President Joe Biden, former President Bill Clinton joined President Obama on the golf course this weekend during his ongoing vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

The presidential pair teed off on Farm Neck Golf Club with Ambassador Ron Kirk and Wall Street banker Vernon Jordan where photographers were allowed to snap a few pictures.

Later in the evening, the Obama family attended the 80th birthday celebration for Jordan where Clinton was also a guest as well as Obama senior adviser Valarie Jarrett and actor Morgan Freeman.

Both Clinton and Obama reportedly toasted Jordan over a feast of surf and turf, and birthday cake at the Farm Neck club.


HT to our good friends at Right Wing Tribune

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