Obama And Hagel Approve Of Transgender In The Military


While Obama is building up his own private Homeland Security army, he’s decimating our National Forces, demanding retirement of our finest officers, cutting personnel, equipment, training – all while agencies of the Federal Government from the IRS to the Social Security office buys up weapons and ammo by the billions of dollars. This administration is out of control.

When the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy ended in 2011, the ban on transgender service remained in place, contained in a different set of regulations distinct from the DADT law. For some, targeting the transgender ban was a logical next step, while others cautioned that the military wasn’t ready or that years of education and lobbying would be required before it could become a political reality.


Why would anyone with such a major psychological disorder who requires years of medical treatment be allowed to enlist?

Transgender rights advocates have been lobbying the Pentagon to revisit the blanket ban in the U.S. since Congress in 2010 repealed “don’t ask, don’t tell,” the law that barred gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals from openly serving in the military.

Earlier this year, a commission co-chaired by former U.S. Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders and including former military officers and top scholars on gender and health, has issued a report on the subject that ought to settle that question quickly. The commission conducted the most thorough, expert inquiry into the reasons for the current restrictions on transgender service. It set out to assess the question of whether the transgender ban was based on sound medical science since the regulations, which are complicated and overlapping, are primarily expressed in medical terms. What the authors found was not only that “there is no compelling medical reason for the ban,” but they also felt that there’s no good rationale, and urged Obama to end the ban allowing transgender to enlist.

The Pentagon will likely allow transgender Americans to serve openly in the military where 15,500 now secretly serve, according to a new report issued by top former generals.

Three of the top brass, endorsing the deployment of transgender troops, also said their effort has the support of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Obama.



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