Obama Awards $200 Million Initiative to Assist Young Black Males and Trayvon Martin’s Parents were in Attendance for the Announcement…


On Thursday, Obama launched a federal program aimed at improving the economic and educational status of young black and Hispanic men.

The initiative does not require congressional approval and would direct $200 million in foundation money toward programs intended to close the racial achievement gap in schools and reduce the disproportionate unemployment rate that has affected black communities for years.

The Baltimore Sun reported that Obama described the effort as a moral issue of national importance stating; “We’ve become numb to these statistics. … We just assume that this is an inevitable part of American life instead of the outrage that it is,” the president said at a White House event. “But these statistics should break our hearts, and they should compel us to act,” he said.

While this may be a notable cause, I do not see how this will help with the unemployment rate so high and little hope of economic recovery under this administration. Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rates for adult men (6.2 percent), adult women (5.9 percent), teenagers (20.7 percent), whites (5.7 percent), blacks (12.1 percent), and Hispanics (8.4 percent). (Source: www.tradingeconomics.com/united-states/unemployment-rate)

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Source: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/02/obama-announces-200-million-initiative-to-assist-young-black-males-trayvons-parents-in-attendance/


  1. Bullshit travon was a friggen punk that was probably
    Trying to act bad and got what he deserved. And that fucken 200 million better becoming out of earbamas pocket.

  2. Obama is doing all this stupid shit, what makes mexicans and black people more special than us whites? All yall want to complain when there are white and black schools now you are going to spend 200 million just for a particular race? Racism still exist its just the blacks a racist now, what is so much more special about the gang member trayvon than any other kid killed? How come lil wayne can say “nigger” 100 times every song but a white woman said it 30 years ago and she loses her job cause she is “racist”. How is obama going to cut military funding but cutnothing for the lazy bums on welfare? Why should my tax money be spent on bull shit? Why should the insured people insurance rates go up cause the uninsured need to be insures for free out of tax money? Stop digging in everyones pockets and stop calling the racist card if your the one being racist.

    • Just another program to waste money. Been giving welfare to women to have babies without fathers forever and what has that accomplished? What about stopping the handouts and create jobs for people to work…Very disappointed in Bill O’Reilly for his part in this….

    • When r we going to have enuf of all these nonsense bills that “Obama” & his Croonies r passing. The whole government is getting Way out of hand. Quickly

    • It’s called Socialism, and it’s taking a foothold in this country VERY QUICKLY. If we keep voting Dems and RINO’s into office, Connecticut will turn into the Ukraine. Then if we lose as it spreads across the country, we will wind up just like the DPRK.

      Wake up America (Amerika), Communism and the Police State are not “coming” to the USA, they are “already here”.

  3. I find it interesting that Obama says “we’re going to give $200 million to improving education and creating jobs for these guys” but says not one word about exactly HOW that money is going to be used to accomplish those objectives. How about a detailed explanation of exactly what that money will be spent on and how it’s going to increase the ability of these young men to get jobs.

  4. Obama and the congress can cut the military vet’s benefits
    to pay for this kind of bullshit, the only Racist issue is the government keeping it alive so as to get free money for the free loaders

  5. the only thing I see happening here is that the blacks and hisapnics are whying and complaining to a government that is givng in to them and the keep playing the dam race card and as every body her who posted ac omment has said where is this so-called money really coming from and how is really going to take care of this so-called problem all that is bolis down to is this that that the blacks are still in a mentality of beening a salve and they will do any thing to keep that up I say enoghut is enoghut and stop playing the dame race card every time something does not go their way and just may be just may be the stupid grovenment will stop giving in to them

  6. Mr Obama needs to take a lesson from a man and a school he ignorantly slandered 2 years ago. Under Paterno’s coaching at Penn State, not only did he graduate players at a much higher rate than the nation’s average, but there was no appreciable difference between black & white players. Treat men like equals and they will act like equals.

  7. Only black can apply no cracker’s. See what happens when you put a real black in the WhiteHouse soon to be called the BlackHouse. Obama is nothing but a useless black Fuck that no good Black Turd. Black is beautiful but Obama is brown and so is shit. You don’t like what I say then Fuck You All!!!!! See what happens when you put a black in charge.

  8. Stuff like this is exactly why Obama has got to go. Send the information out to your senator and congressmen, I have and the more information you send them the better off we are. They have a group called NAACP, that a group of racist all gathering together to figure out how to put the shaft to anyone who aint black. What would happen if there was a group called NAOWP. They would be branded clansman, racist and anything else the government would seem fit to call them . ( NAOWP ,National Association of white People) we all know who the real racist are..

  9. I call BS on this one… dude is playing racial politics in an election year… he doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself.


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