Obama Calls For Assault Weapon Ban After California Terrorist Attack


The Obama administration is pushing for more gun control, calling for an assault weapons ban after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. 


“One thing we could do is we could ban the sale of assault weapons,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during the press briefing the other day. “That certainly would make it harder for those individuals who shouldn’t have them from getting them.”

Earnest mentioned four guns that were purchased legally by the shooters, as proof that more gun control was needed to stop terrorism.

“It would be an indication to some common sense thinking people, that we should consider some different laws,” he said insisting an assault weapons ban would be possible without undermining the constitutional rights of Americans.

HT Breitbart


  1. Well I hope the people you pay or have come and get them, is it going to be worth losing not seeing their families anymore?
    Because trust me you won’t win them all!
    The people will come from all over and surround them and fight it.

  2. I am sick and tired of this clown trying to take our guns away. He KNOWS that criminals and terrorists will always get their hands on a gun. Heck, the Black Market is thriving!

    REAL terrorists and criminals do not go into a gun store and buy their weapons legally. They do not do background checks, wait the required amount of time, nor do finger prints. Terrorists have their own “underground” channels, and common thieves will just steal whatever they want.

    The three Muslim terrorists in San Bernadino were visited for well over a week by at least 6 unknown Muslims who were seen by neighbors entering and exiting that house every day. And now these 6 seem to have just disappeared. Why isn’t obummer talking about THAT!

    Nah…for obummer, this was just “work place violence”! How dumb can he be?!

    Or is he “dumb”? Maybe he’s not dumb at all. Seems like there’s an awful lot of unanswered questions to that San Bernadino shooting. Think about it. Usually only government cover-ups produce such unanswered questions.

    And why is it possible for this government to be involved in this shooting?

    Because they want to disarm the American public and need a loud public outcry against guns. Not against Muslims and all those healthy, robust young men coming into our country as “Syrian refugees”, mind you. Just against the guns.


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