Obama Caves To Iran With ‘Open-Ended’ Nuclear Negotiations [Video]


Obama crumbles under deadline and gives Iran an ‘open-ended’ nuclear deal.

The Obama administration is claiming they’ve reached a ‘historic deal’ capping nearly a decade of diplomacy that would curb the country’s atomic program in return for sanctions relief, two diplomats told The Associated Press on Sunday. An announcement is due sometime today. 


The Iranian nuclear negotiations has become such a farce that the Boston Globe has taken to writing about how many snacks the U.S. capitulation team is eating. 

Boston Globe reported:

The US negotiating team here over the past five weeks has gone through 10 pounds of Twizzlers (strawberry flavored), 20 pounds of string cheese, 30 pounds of mixed nuts and dried fruit, and more than 200 Rice Krispies Treats.

“The number of espresso pods we’ve gone through,” said one top US official, “is in the hundreds.”

They have yet to put a dent in Iran’s nuclear centrifuges, but Secretary of State John Kerry and his team of experts have racked up impressive numbers for junk food consumed and international miles logged.

One team member calculated they have traveled 400,000 miles — enough to circumnavigate the earth 16 times — during the past 18 months of intense negotiations with Iran.

Behind all those photo-ops with Kerry and other diplomats in crisp suits and ornate conference rooms is an off-stage operation with the feel of a college dorm room during exam week, complete with all-nighters and off-color jokes.


At least one Democrat, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), is keeping track of Obama’s concessions to Iran, noting that “our red lines to Iran seem to be green lights.” Menendez noted that the Iranians have given up virtually nothing in these farcical “negotiations” so far, keeping nearly all of their nuclear infrastructure in place. Despite his skepticism, he’s being too generous in assuming Iran will be ten to fifteen years away from a bomb with the arrangement worked out so far. rooms is an off-stage operation with the feel of a college dorm room during exam week, complete with all-nighters and off-color jokes, Breitbart reported. 

Western Journalism reported that the Obama administration didn’t negotiate to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program but merely wanted reconciliation with the Islamic Republic.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Obama conducted clandestine contacts with Iranian officials with the goal of improving ties between the two arch-enemies from the outset of his presidency. The secret dispatches started in late 2009 after mediation by the government of Oman. Iran was very suspicious of the administration’s intentions and sent a wish list to test Obama’s commitment to improving ties. The regime in Tehran wanted the release of Iranian prisoners from American and European jails and wanted the administration to blacklist opposition groups hostile to the regime. The Iranians also demanded more visas for Iranian students who wanted to study at universities in the U.S.

Obama decided to give in to most of the Iranian demands and facilitated the release of Iranian prisoners; he blacklisted some Iranian opposition groups and granted more visas to Iranian students.

To sum it up, Obama caved in to Iran’s demands.

Menendez: Administration’s red lines to Iranians seem to be green lights.

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