Obama Cuts Counter-Terror Funding By $300 Million Despite High Threat Of Terrorism


President Obama was not necessarily lying when he said he would have a transparent administration, he’s made his intentions perfectly clear and he’s following through, especially now, this being his last year in office.


“Schumer slams Obama budget cuts to anti-terror funds,” Associated Press, February 14, 2016:

NEW YORK (AP) — Sen. Charles Schumer is slamming a White House proposal that would reduce funding for counterterrorism programs across the country by nearly $300 million.

The New York Democrat is pushing President Barack Obama to reconsider the cuts.

Schumer notes that the cuts to the Urban Area Security Initiative were included in the proposed 2017 budget released last week by the White House. The initiative helps fund programs in cities across the U.S. to prevent extremist attacks, or respond to and recover from them. The proposed budget would cut the funding from $600 million to $330 million.


Sen. Chuck Schumer held a news conference at his Manhattan office on Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016, to denounce cuts proposed in President Barack Obama’s budget to Homeland Security grant money used for NYPD counterterrorism training and FDNY and other first-responder preparedness programs. (Credit: Charles Eckert)

“These proposed cuts are ill-advised and ill-timed and they must be reversed. End of story,” Schumer said in a statement to The Associated Press. “In light of recent attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, and the vow by our extremist enemies to launch more attacks on our shores, it makes no sense to propose cuts to vital terror-prevention programs like UASI.”

Schumer, who decried the cuts at a news conference on Sunday, said the program is necessary to adequately fund counterterrorism programs in high-density urban areas like New York City.

“New York City remains terror target number one and the NYPD relies on these programs to keep us safe,” he said.

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