Obama Dept Of Justice Files EMERGENCY Motion…The Reason Is ASTOUNDING

Obama Dept Of Justice Files EMERGENCY Motion…The Reason Is ASTOUNDING

On May 19, 2016, Texas Judge Andrew Hanen issued a 28-page order suggesting that the Justice Department attorneys had deceived the court about it’s activity surrounding two deferred action programs announced by President Obama on Nov. 20, 2014.

Judge Hanen ordered a freeze on the Obama plan to shield up to 5 million people from deportation and accused government attorneys of being “intentionally deceptive.”

The judge also ordered remedial ethics classes for all department lawyers at headquarters in any of the 26 states that sued over amnesty.  His requirement included that by June 10 the Department of Homeland Security would have to turn over identifying information for 50,000 immigrants who entered the United States illegally.


Alan West reported  that on Wednesday, June 1, the Dept of Justice filed an emergency motion to fight back against the judge’s orders. It accused him of exceeding his authority, which is rather rich coming from the administration who takes unilateral action with the president’s pen and phone — exactly what led to this whole situation in the first place.

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Moreover, it objected to the order to take ethics classes, using cost as a barrier. Really??? First of all, does anyone believe the Obama administration is suddenly fiscally responsible? Nah. But it holds absolutely zero water when you consider the remedial ethics classes are purported to cost $1 million — compared with the $113 billion (yes BILLION) illegal immigration is estimated to cost annually, according to a study by Federation for American Immigration Reform. (Of course, admittedly, perhaps it would be cheaper to just FIRE the DoJ lawyers and hire some who don’t need remedial ethics classes…)

Meanwhile, the DoJ protested turning over the names of illegal immigrants the Obama administration is seemingly unlawfully shielding from deportation. Because privacy. Yep, the most transparent administration ever is concerned that turning over information about these illegal immigrants — under court seal, mind you — will violate the privacy and trust of these individuals who are breaking the law (and our trust) by being here.

Turning over the information about those who received deferred action would “irrevocably breach the confidence of these individuals,” DOJ attorneys wrote in their motion for a stay of Judge Hanen’s order.

Right, so the Obama administration is worried about breaching the confidence of the illegal aliens — to heck with the U.S. citizens it is in office to serve. Sounds about right.

No word yet on response to the DoJ’s “emergency” motion today, but we will be keeping an eye on the situation.

Isn’t it just grand to know how hard we have to fight to just get our “Justice” Department to honor the law?

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