OBAMA EXPOSED! Tommy Vietor – Former NSA Spox – Admits Obama Never Made it to Situation Room During Benghazi Attack!


Reports now confirm that Obama was in the White House but NEVER MADE IT to the Situation Room the night of the Benghazi Attack on 9-11 2012.


Gateway Pundit reported that this was after Islamists stormed the US Embassy in Cairo earlier in the day.  Obama never made it to the Situation Room!

Tommy Vietor was there. Obama wasn’t.

Tommy Vietor: I was in the Situation Room that night. Ok. And we didn’t know where the ambassador was. Definitively.

 Bret Baier: Was the president in the Situation Room?

 Vietor: No…

 Baier: Where was the president.

 Vietor: In the White House.

Baier: He wasn’t in the Situation Room.

Vietor: Uhh. At what point in the evening. He was constantly… It’s well known that when the attack was first briefed to him it was in the Oval Office. And he was updated constantly…

Baier: Sp then when Hillary Clinton talks to him by phone at 10 PM, he’s where?

Vietor: I don’t know. I don’t have a tracking device on him in the residence.

 Baier: But you were in the Situation Room and he wasn’t there.

 Vietor: Yes.  


Read More: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2014/05/boom-tommy-vietor-former-nsa-spokesman-admits-obama-never-made-it-to-situation-room-during-benghazi-attack-video/


  1. If only there was some kind of technology that would let him stay on top of things without being in a certain room.

    • It is respect and his job to be with the other officials to make the best possible decisions for this country. Seems we need to put audio, video and a tracking device on Obumma!


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