Obama Fears Congress Will Kill Iran Deal ‘It Would Be Devastating To Our Standing In The World’


Obama is worried Congress will kill the Iran deal. The deal should be killed, it catered to Iran’s every wish. Obama did not even secure the release of American hostages. Obama pledged U.S. military to protect Iran from any and all threats against their nuclear program.

Obama, desperate to make a deal with Iran, agreed to the ludicrous terms that no American inspection teams would be permitted under the final nuclear deal.  He agreed that only countries with ‘normal diplomatic relations’ with Iran will be permitted to participate in inspections teams.


Breitbart reported:

Friday at the White House press briefing, press secretary Josh Earnest said if the United States Congress successfully kills the Iranian nuclear deal, it would be “devastating to our standing in the world.”

Earnest said, “The fact is, if the United States Congress were to successfully kill this agreement, it would have a terrible impact on the standing of the United States in the world.”

He added, “this is an agreement, that is enthusiastically supported by, as the president said, 99% of the international community, and for the United States, because of a congressional action, to isolate our country on such an important issue, would be

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  1. what a moron our standing in the world already sucks and that assclown POS i will tell him to his face if congress did kill the deal the world might look up to us and not down like they currently are


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