Obama About To Find Himself One Of SEVERAL Potential Targets Of A Separate Special Counsel (Video)


Under the Obama’s Presidency, a massive watchlist system that stigmatized hundreds of thousands of people was initiated It included U.S. citizens—as terrorism suspects based on vague, overbroad, and often secret standards and evidence.

The consequences of being placed on a government watchlist can be far-reaching. They can include questioning, harassment, or detention by authorities, or even an indefinite ban on air travel. And while the government keeps the evidence it uses to blacklist people in this manner secret, government watchdogs have found that as many as 35 percent of the nominations to the network of watchlists are outdated and tens of thousands of names were placed on lists without an adequate factual basis. To make matters worse, the government denies watchlisted individuals any meaningful way to correct errors and clear their names.

Info Wars compiled an extensive list of over 75 times that Obama broke the law during his presidency.

He has toyed with the Constitution the way a pyromaniac plays with gasoline.  Many of us have waited a long time to see some kind of justice.

President Trump is ready to be vindicated in a major way—the Senate Judiciary Committee announced that it will be examining if former-Attorney General Loretta Lynch obstructed the investigation into the Hillary Clinton email server probe, Liberty Writers reports.

The New York Post reports that findings from the Lynch investigation could lead to the appointment of a separate special counsel for a new criminal investigation focusing on the Obama team. I bet the Democrats never expected THAT when they made up their phony Russian-collusion claims to trip up President Trump.

Lynch’s actions around the Hillary probe are extremely suspicious, here are three major things that we know:

These are just the things we KNOW, and they’re pretty bad—I can only imagine the things Lynch and the other Obama cronies did that we don’t know yet.

  • During his Senate hearing, former FBI director James Comey said Lynch ordered him to called the criminal investigation into Hillary a “matter” rather than an “investigation.”
  • Then-Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Shultz claimed in an email intercepted by the FBI that Lynch told the Clinton campaign she wouldn’t let the email probe “go too far.”
  • Lynch refused to recuse herself from the email investigation after Comey raised concerns about a possible conflict of interest after her meeting on a tarmac with Bill Clinton.

The Senate judiciary panel can finally get to the bottom of this rabbit hole, and they can start by start by subpoenaing the Wasserman Shultz email, any and all notes about the issues, the NSA recording of the Lynch-Clinton chat in the government plane, and getting Wasserman Schultz herself to testify.

These claims are EXPLOSIVE, and it’s going to be great watching the Lynch hearings unfold. The Democrats thought they could catch Trump with their made-up Russia charges, but that’s about to back-fire ‘BIG LEAGUE.’

All I can say is thank God Hillary never got elected.

Of course the media is NEVER going to report on the criminal Democrats, so we have to share this 50,000 times so EVERY Patriot knows what’s REALLY going on.

(h/t The New York Post, The Washington Post)

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