Obama Goes Overseas and Slams President Trump on Climate Change Junk Science (Video)

Obama Goes Overseas and Slams President Trump on Climate Change Junk Science (Video)

Obama: ‘We have a temporary absence of American leadership’ on climate change referring to President Trump.

Obama gave a speech to business leaders in the French capital on Saturday, describing what he said was the “temporary absence of American leadership on the issue” when speaking about climate change, taking a swipe at President Donald Trump.

According to ABC News, the swipe at the current administration was part of a speech Obama delivered at the event, “Fear Less, Innovate More.”

When President Trump announced that he was withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Accord not only did the left and mainstream media go into a frenzy, it sent European leaders into a panic because they are going to have to cover the bill for the massive wealth redistribution scheme they all signed up for.

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What the Democrats do not want the American people to know is that the United States contributed $1 billion to the global Green Climate Fund, but the world’s top polluters contributed nothing, David Asman reported.

Fox News reported that Asman said on “Forbes on Fox” that China, Russia and India contributed no money to the Green Climate Fund, yet that international community pressured the U.S. to sign onto the Paris Climate Accord.

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Of course, the left and mainstream media will not report how much the United States contributed in comparison to other countries, or that President Trump does support continuing efforts to reduce carbon emissions – they would rather continue their fake news rhetoric and deceiving the American people.

As for Obama, maybe it’s finally time to prosecute someone for violations of the Logan Act.



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