Obama Grosses Out Chipotle Customers

Obama Grosses Out Chipotle Customers

Obama took presidential overreach to a whole new level this week and won disapproval ratings from a fair number of customers when he reached over the sneeze guard at a D.C. area Chipotle Tex-Mex restaurant to point out what kind of food he wanted.

Mail Online reported that the event was part of Obama’s “Working Families Summit” that was meant to draw attention to the White House’s alleged concern for the working poor.

The multi-millionaire president decided to take four working stiffs out to lunch and treated them to a meal they could have had any other day of the week… nice move Mr. President.

Here’s the picture snapped by official White House photographer Peter Souza:


Here’s some of the reactions from regular Chipotle eaters, who thought Obama’s “regular folks” move was in decidedly bad taste.





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