Obama, John Kerry, Susan Rice Dine Like Royalty At Climate Summit In Paris


President Obama is in Paris for the Cops21 summit discussing what he feels is the greatest threat to not only the United States, but the world, climate change. After a long, tiring day (cough), he took some time off to enjoy a fancy meal at L’Ambroisie with French President Hollande.


Obama brought his entourage of U.S. officials who traveled with him to the summit, including Secretary of State John Kerry and National Security Advisor Susan Rice.

According to an estimation from Zagat, a meal at L’Ambroisie costs approximately $200 and is described as “a jewel of French gastronomy” on the restaurant’s website.

When asked what he planned to order for dinner, Obama referred to Hollande.

“I will get recommendations from the president,” he said.

While making comments to the press, Obama warned one of the TV sound men who was present not to hit the chandelier with his mic.

“You can’t afford that,” he joked.

I can only imagine how much this trip is costing taxpayers. No worries, we can eat cake.


HT Breitbart


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