Obama Meets With Domestic Terrorists Black Lives Matter For 3 Hours


It is good to know that Barack Obama has his priorities straight.


According to Truth Feed Obama spent 3 hours today meeting with cop-hating, George Soros-funded domestic terrorists.



DeRay McKesson, the face of Black Lives Matter, was at the White House today to meet with Obama to discuss “recent events” across the country.

McKesson was recently arrested at a protest, because, like most Black Lives Matter folks, he disobeyed police orders.

The photo of his arrest appeared staged.

McKesson was filming the entire “event” for Periscope. When Police approached he yelled, “I’m getting arrested ya’ll!”


Yesterday at the Dallas Memorial for the 5 slain police officers killed by a Black Power hate mongering racist who supported Black Lives Mater and New Black Panthers, Obama used his speaking time to lecture the mourners on the history of racism in America, including “poor black boys in hoodies.”

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