Obama: ‘No Foreign Terrorist Organization Has Successfully Attacked US During My Tenure’ (Video)


President Obama has spent the last month of his presidency embarked on a world tour touting his so called accomplishments. While speaking to troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Fla., this week, in what will likely be his last national security speech, he claimed that he prevented terrorists from planning and executing an attack against Americans.

Obama is delusional about the success of his so called anti-terror campaign and protecting Americans from radical Islamic terrorists – a term he still can’t bring himself to say.

The Garland shooting attack on our free speech event was an ISIS attack; San Bernardino, too, Pamela Geller reported. The Boston Islamic plot to behead me (until the jihad met the wrong end of a police gun) was directed by ISIS. San Bernardino, Fort Hood, NY/NJ bombings, Chattanooga, Seattle Christmas tree bomb plot, Boston marathon bombing, Morganton, NC, Oklahoma beheading, West Orange New Jersey jihad ….


Russ Read, The Daily Caller, added that a key component of the ISIS strategy involves a decentralized process for engaging in terrorist attacks, as opposed to the heavily coordinated al-Qaida strategy used during 9/11.

Instead, ISIS leaders call upon followers in foreign countries to engage in attacks at home. The terrorist group provided instructions and manuals for adherents in its online publications and propaganda videos, including everything from ideal target locations to what kind of knives are the most deadly.

Obama can tout his false accolades to liberal America and mainstream media will continue to publish the lies, but the fact of the matter is that there have been more terrorist attacks with Obama as President than ever before in the history of America.

No doubt, when president-elect Donald Trump takes office, the American people will be safer from radical Islamic terrorists.

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