Obama ORDERS Schools To Celebrate ‘Undocumented Immigrants Day’


President Obama is ordering the nation’s public schools to welcome illegal immigrant students, promote his amnesty program and “embrace and value” the diversity and cultural backgrounds of the foreigners receiving a free, American taxpayer-funded education. 

You can’t wear a shirt that appreciates Americas veterans, or displays patriotism, but you have to show Obama’s invited guests respect and make them feel welcome.


Warning: This is NOT a satire article from The Onion. Ed Straker of The American Thinker said Obama’s Department of Education is proposing that schools spend a week celebrating illegal aliens, including an “undocumented immigrant awareness day.”  Can “Celebrate Destruction of America Day” be far behind?

The document, which was released in October, also urges schools to provide welcoming environments for illegal alien students by hosting events such as “Undocumented Week.”

The guide also provides tips for schools and educators on how to support illegal alien youth who are in high school and college. It also provides information for non-citizens on how to access federal financial aid[.]

The guide also urges schools to create welcoming environments for such students.

Suggestions for how to support the students including hosting “an undocumented immigrant awareness day.”

You know, my idea of an “undocumented immigrant awareness day” is being educated what an illegal alien looks like and how to report them to the police.  But in Obama’s America, it’s all about throwing them a big party, complete with a Donald Trump piñata.

“Consider partnering with community and stakeholder groups to amplify the event,” the guide suggests.

How do you think schools will “demonstrate support” for undocumented students?

Student: “Hey, Pedro, I know you’re in the country illegally, but we’re cool with that. We think all laws should be enforced, except ones that inconvenience you.”

… and “educate all students about the challenges and strengths of undocumented students, such as by hosting an Undocumented Week.”

Challenges are easy.  Figuring out how to sign up for welfare.  Filling out the paperwork to register to vote.

“Each day, highlight an issue faced by undocumented students or celebrate an accomplishment of the undocumented immigrant community,” it continues.

What accomplishments?  Living off the American taxpayer?  Continuing to resist learning our language?

“Our nation’s public schools should be welcoming, safe, and supportive places where all students, regardless of their zip code or where they were born, are given the opportunity to succeed,” John King, a senior adviser at the Department of Education said in a statement.


…regardless of what ZIP code they were born in?  King is making it sound as though we’re discriminating against people born in a different part of Nebraska.  These are people from other countries who came here illegally.  Why should we be welcoming people who invaded our borders illegally?

That gives me another idea for college campuses.  I call it “Unapproved Concealed Carry Week,” where people show support for legal gun owners who carry guns on “gun-free” campuses.  Their carrying of the guns on campuses is unapproved, but that doesn’t mean that campuses shouldn’t be a welcoming, safe, and supportive place for students who have lawfully bought guns.  Colleges should each day highlight an issue faced by an unapproved gun-toting student or celebrate an accomplishment (like marksmanship) of the unapproved gun-carrying community.  Do you think that would make for a welcoming environment for such students?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.


  1. My children are all grown now but if they were still in school, I would teach them what an illegal alien is. That they and their family are breaking the law and taking the money that belongs to everyone that pays taxes. Then whenever obummers celebrate an illegal alien day came around I would pull my child from school. I would rather them have a legal American day.


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