Obama Places First in Poll Ranking Presidents Since WW2

Obama takes first place in a recently released Quinnipiac University poll The measure? The worst presidents since World War II.

presidents club AP

While Obama likes being ‘first’,  I don’t think he’ll be pleased to hear that:

  • Over half of those polled (53%) disapprove of the way Obama is handling the presidency.
  • More of those polled say Romney would have been a better President.
  • They were evenly split when asked if they considered Obama honest and trustworthy.
  • 33% of those polled say the Obama has been the worst since WWII, followed by George W. Bush with 28%. Nixon earned 13% of the vote.
  • Conversely, 35% say Ronald Reagan has been the best Commander in Chief in that same time period.

Obama can continue to insist that the Republican opposition is drumming up “phony scandals,” but the lack of leadership and distrust in federal government is apparently striking a chord with the American public, and they are making their displeasure known.

Hopefully the poles will reflect just how unhappy the American people are, and they vote out those who pushed Obamacare and stood silent in the wake of the recent IRS scandal.


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