Obama Plans Massive Wave Of Syrian Muslim Students: Granted ‘Special University Wavers’

Obama Plans Massive Wave Of Syrian Muslim Students: Granted ‘Special University Wavers’

The qualification process for these university wavers is virtually nonexistent, basically, all you have to be is a Syrian Muslim refugee, or claim to be one, and have access to a computer. 

Instead of measuring students’ English language skills, and other qualifications through standardized tests which cost fees, some schools are offering online interviews. And some are accepting scanned copies of academic transcripts if the original has been conveniently lost by the applicant. 

President Obama is spending the remainder of his time in office determined to meet his goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States by Sept. 30.  

HOWEVER, the 10,000 number is deceptive because Obama and MSM are excluding the additional eight people each refugee is allowed to bring, making the actual number of refugees over 90,000 – all to be fully supported by American taxpayers!

It gets worse, of the 10,000 refugees, 98 percent are Sunni Muslims – the same sect as ISIS, al-Nusra Front, al-Qaida, the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic extremist groups. 

Here is a list of 180 cities where Obama has scheduled the 90,000 refugees to be placed.

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Leo Hohmann, WND reported that the term “refugee” has been tainted since the terrorist attacks on Paris and Brussels and the thousands of sexual assaults by Muslim men against women in Sweden, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, despite the media’s attempts to keep those stories quiet.

So another plan had to be devised.

Backlash growing despite ‘Islamophobia’ label

In more than a dozen states, the entry of Syrian refugees has caused friction between residents who want to welcome the newcomers and those who feel they could pose a security risk.

Just this week, another four Somali refugees were convicted in Minnesota of trying to join ISIS in Syria. That’s on top of the 40 others who have done so and the dozens more who have been charged with sending material support to overseas terrorists.

Others simply believe that refugees from the Middle East are too expensive, since 90 percent of them are on federal welfare of one sort or another and their children are require special interpreters and tutors to educate.

Not including the price of educating the Syrian children, it’s costing $20,000 to resettle them in U.S. cities and towns.

Organized push-back against the arrival of Muslim refugees has occurred in communities in Minnesota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Texas, Michigan, Idaho, Montana, Tennessee, Washington state and North Dakota among other states.

Wherever protesters have appeared urging caution, a counter protest has typically popped up, smaller in size but with signs accusing the protesters of “racism,” “intolerance” or “Islamophobia.”

One largely ignored facet of the debate has been the fate of Syrian Christians, who have been run out of their homes, their men beheaded, shot or crucified and their women forced into sexual slavery.

Yet only 1 percent of the more than 4,200 Syrians resettled in the U.S. since the Syrian civil war broke out have been Christian. Christians made up 10 percent of Syria’s population before the war broke out. They are being ignored in the face of extermination, critics say.

Obama: Call for only Christian refugees is “offensive and contrary to American values.”

So with this push-back gaining momentum, United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees Filippo Grandi has devised a new plan to get Shariah-compliant Syrians resettled into Western democracies without calling them “refugees.” He calls it “alternative pathways” for Syrians into the industrialized West.

Expect a flood of more than 100,000 Syrian “students” to enter the U.S. in the next three years, says Nayla Rush in a new report for the Center for Immigration Studies, a Washington think tank. And that doesn’t include those who will come under a myriad of other expanded or newly created visa programs.

“They are getting nervous like I have never seen in my nearly nine years of following this program,” refugee watchdog Ann Corcoran told WND.

WND first broke the news in April about Obama’s secret plans to work with the U.N. to bring in Syrians under “alternative safe pathways” including student visas, humanitarian visas, new labor schemes, medical visas and expanded family reunification plans.

Special university wavers for Syrian students

So far, 150 Syrian students have been awarded scholarships to various U.S. colleges. Rush expects the numbers for 2016 to be much higher. Once here, these students can apply for asylum, like 28-year-old Syrian national Mohamad Bassel Khair, who was awarded a full scholarship including room and board at New Jersey’s Montclair State University. He is now seeking asylum for himself and his family, the Associate Press reports.

The AP story details the loosening of admission requirements for Syrian refugees in the U.S.: “Instead of measuring students’ English language skills through standardized tests that carry fees, some schools are offering online interviews instead. Some are accepting scanned copies of academic transcripts if the original has been lost.”

A workshop on “Delivering Higher Education to Syrian Refugees” was held in Turkey last year, bringing together actors from various governments, U.N. agencies, NGOs and universities, as well as Syrian students and professors, to discuss the needs of university-age Syrian refugees. The workshop was funded by the Ford Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Institute.


Billionaire George Soros is a big backer of the “Refugees Welcome” movement in Europe and the U.S.

Expanded family reunification will account for another big portion of Obama’s secret Syrian immigration plans. Only spouses and children are currently allowed to join their refugee families in America, but that is going to be expanded to include siblings and other extended family.

Others will arrive on “work permits” and various other specialty visas.

There is even a new “private sponsorship” program, the details of which are still largely unknown.

Obama is addressing a high-level summit on the global refugee crisis at the United Nations in New York on Sept. 19. Rush believes he will have met the goal of 10,000 Syrians being embedded into the United States by the Sept. 19 summit. But that’s just the beginning.

“We cannot imagine him presiding over this high-level meeting before honoring his part of the bargain first. It is a safe bet, therefore, that the resettlement target of 10,000 Syrian refugees will be met by Sept. 19, whatever it takes,” writes Rush, senior researcher for CIS.

As WND previously reported, Obama has ordered a special “surge operation” to speed up the resettlement process, beefing up the amount of staff and resources devoted to the refugee operation and reducing the amount of time taken to screen the Syrians from 18 months down to three months.

The government interviewed almost 12,000 applicants between February and April who had been referred by the U.N. for refugee resettlement in the United States.

So the fact that 225 Syrian refugees were admitted into the United States in a new single-day record for Syrian approvals is beside the point, Rush said.

“What is of importance here is that 12,000 were interviewed in such a short time driven by the urgency to meet the September deadline,” she writes.

Of those, 4,700 have been approved, according to U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Johnson, and an additional 7,900 are awaiting final approval. How many come in a day or a week is more likely related to logistics such as plane tickets, welcoming committees, available housing, etc., and final screening, Rush said.

WND reported in April that the government would need to average 358 Syrians per week arriving in the U.S. to meet the Sept. 30 deadline for 10,000 arrivals.

But the total is now expected to be up to 10 times larger, says Rush. And it’s all about to be done under the radar of Congress with nearly zero media coverage.

Fresh evidence to that effect has come from the United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees Filippo Grande and a statement by the U.S. State Department. Together, those statements indicate the U.N. has many more Syrians in store for the U.S. than what Obama has publicly acknowledged.

The UNHCR has said it wants to permanently resettle 480,000 Syrians into Western countries over the next three years, but that’s not enough. There will be resettlement’s but then other “alternative” routes or “pathways.”

“To me this kind of resembles the ‘pathway to citizenship’ (made famous by the 2013 Gang of Eight immigration bill), and they’re applying that now to refugees,” Rush told WND.

Rush says, by speeding up the process and diffusing the Syrian entries though a myriad of different immigration programs, the administration hopes to take some of the heat off the refugee resettlement industry while still accomplishing the same mission – bringing more and more Syrian refugees to the U.S.

Congress plays along

So far Congress is playing right along with the plan.

To date no one in Congress has made a big issue of the “alternative pathways” or explained to the American public that the true numbers of Shariah-compliant Syrians entering the U.S. will end up being 1o to 20 times the 10,000 that Obama has acknowledged.

Read the full story here.


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