Obama Posts Full Text Of Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal


President Obama releases full text on TPP. 



Breitbart Reports:

President Obama posted the full text of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal today, allowing critics their first chance to publicly review the results of his administration’s negotiations.

“It’s the highest standard trade agreement in history,” Obama wrote in an introduction to the text he posted on Medium. “I know that past trade agreements haven’t always lived up to the hype. That’s what makes this trade agreement so different, and so important.”

The full text of the agreement is also posted online by the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

Obama faces a hurdle to push the deal through Congress, even though it already voted to give him the authority to negotiate the details of the plan in secret.

Critics of the deal argue it would hurt American workers and that the administration wouldn’t negotiate a deal that would actually help the economy.

But Obama appeared confident that his deal was sufficient.

“I know that if you take a look at what’s actually in the TPP, you will see that this is, in fact, a new type of trade deal that puts American workers first,” he said.

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  1. He has screwed up so many things, I wouldn’t trust him to make a deal with a two year old. He has never done anything just for the American people. He makes deals for himself and his muslim friends.


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