Obama REFUSES To Release Documents About White House Role in IRS Scandal


The Obama administration is withholding thousands of pages of documents related to the White House’s coordination with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) during the IRS conservative targeting scandal.

US President Barack Obama(R) walks with

Jacob Lew, Obama’s former White House Chief of Staff and Secretary of the Treasury, took the documents that were about to be released and is refusing to ‘ever’ turn them over! What is Lew’s rationale? He cannot possibly release information about improper disclosures of confidential taxpayer information because that would be an improper disclosure of confidential taxpayer information… yes, you read that right. This man is citing ethics, how much more hypocritical can one get.

The Daily Caller reported that the Treasury Department’s inspector general found nearly 2,500 pages of documents that chronicle investigations into the confidential taxpayer information that the White House exchanged with the IRS. (RELATED: Thousands of Documents: IRS Gave Taxpayer Information To White House).


The Daily Caller went on to report that the lawyer for the inspector general, Gregory M. Miller, told Cause of Action this week in a letter that Lew seized the documents.

“All of the 2,043 pages of documents we have determined to be responsive were collected by the Secretary of the Treasury with respect to the determination of possible liability under Title 26 of the United States Code,” Miller wrote.

“These pages consist of return information protected by 26 U.S.C. § 6103 and may not be disclosed absent an express statutory exception. Because no such exception exists here, we are withholding those documents in their entirety under FOIA subsection [b][3] in conjunction with 26 U.S.C. §6103.”

According to the letter, there are “Department of Justice attorneys assigned to this matter.”

How much you want to bet there is incriminating evidence in these documents against Obama and others in his administration. 

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