Obama Released 30,862 Illegal Convicted Criminals into US Cities and Neighborhoods


Last year Obama released 68,000 illegal aliens who were convicted criminals into the US. Now, a recently released federal document from US Immigration and Customs Enforcement reports that Obama released 30,862 convicted criminals, who were illegal aliens, into United States cities and neighborhoods, rather than deporting them.


While 30,862 is the number of convicted criminal illegal’s who were released back into the US population, consider that the report declares that ICE released an additional 126,921 illegal aliens who were not convicted criminals.

“To both comply with current detention-focused laws and court decisions and ensure available detention space for border enforcement activity and national security/public safety efforts, ICE also released 129,921 aliens from custody, 30,862 of whom were convicted criminals,” the report read.

The Daily Caller reports:

During fiscal 2014, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement repatriated 315,943 people.

But two-thirds were foreigners caught at the border, and 86,923 were resident illegals caught in major criminal activity.

Obama’s deputies repatriated only 6,466 people who didn’t reach Obama’s high thresholds for deportation — committing felonies, being a national security threat or being a recent border crosser, according to the document.

The report suggested that 636 of the 6,466 were sent home on the advice of probation officials, and another 2,802 of them were gang members.

Sending Illegals to Mexico

In a statement released by Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), he said, “The effective result of the administration’s non-enforcement policy is that anyone in the world who manages to get into the interior of the United States by any means, including overstaying a visa, is free to live, work, and claim benefits in the United States at Americans’ expense.”

“Again, this is the result of lawless orders issued by this administration,” Sessions added.


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