Obama Scheduled 100,000 Refugees To Be Placed In THESE 180 American Cities


Roughly 180 United States cities nationwide will receive a minimum of 10,000 “Syrian refugees,” who are mostly neither Syrian nor refugees, and are not “properly vetted.” The 10,000 number is misleading because it excludes an additional eight people each refugee is allowed to bring, translating this number to 90,000.


Constitution reported that the U.S. Refugee Public Affiliate Directory (published by ZeroHedge) lists the 180 cities in 48 states where refugees will be sent—thanks largely to Catholic Charities and a few other organizations receiving federal funds. Only two states, Montana and Wyoming, aren’t receiving refugees through this program.

obama refugees

The State Department , meaning taxpayers, are covering the financial cost of every refugee flown to America by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Last year it spent roughly $1.1 BILLION resettling migrants from around the world to AMERICA; a minimum cost to taxpayers of $16,000 PER PERSON.


After arriving, courtesy of American taxpayers, refugees are provided free housing for 90 days, food, transportation, and assistance with finding employment. After the first 90 days, State Department funds are often replaced by Department of Health and Human Services program assistance.


The women and children must be in the back

The states receiving the largest number of refugees are: Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin. 

These are the 180 cities anticipating an influx of refugees:

  • Alaska:                       Anchorage
  • Alabama:                    Mobile
  • Arizona:                    Glendale, Phoenix, Springdale, Tucson
  • California:                 Anaheim, Garden Grove, Glendale, Los Angeles, Los Gatos, Modesto, Oakland, Sacramento, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Turlock, Walnut Creek
  • Colorado:                   Colorado Springs, Denver, Greeley
  • Connecticut:               Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Delaware:                  Wilmington
  • Florida:                     Clearwater, Delray Beach, Doral, Jacksonville, Lauderdale Lakes, Miami, Naples, North Port, Orlando, Palm Springs, Pensacola, Riviera Beach, Tallahassee, Tampa
  • Georgia:                    Atlanta, Savannah, Stone Mountain
  • Hawaii:                      Honolulu
  • Iowa:                        Cedar Rapids, Des Moines
  • Idaho:                       Boise, Twin Falls
  • Illinois:                     Aurora, Chicago, Moline, Rockford, Wheaton
  • Indiana:                    Fort Wayne, Indianapolis
  • Kansas:                     Garden City, Kansas City, Wichita
  • Kentucky:                  Bowling Green, Lexington, Louisville, Owensboro
  • Louisiana:                  Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Metairie, New Orleans
  • Massachusetts:        Boston, Framingham, Jamaica Plain, Lowell, South Boston, Springfield, West Springfield, Worcester
  • Maryland:                  Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Rockville, Silver Spring
  • Maine:                       Portland
  • Michigan:                 Ann Arbor, Battle Creek, Clinton Township, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Troy
  • Minnesota:               Minneapolis, Richfield, Rochester, Saint Paul, St. Cloud
  • Missouri:                   Columbia, Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield
  • Mississippi:                Biloxi, Jackson
  • North Carolina:        Charlotte, Durham, Greensboro, High Point, New Bern, Raleigh, Wilmington
  • North Dakota:            Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks
  • Nebraska:                  Lincoln, Omaha
  • New Hampshire:         Concord, Manchester
  • New Jersey:               Camden, East Orange, Elizabeth, Jersey City
  • New Mexico:              Albuquerque
  • Nevada:                    Las Vegas
  • New York:                Albany, Amityville, Binghamton, Brooklyn, Buffalo, New York, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica
  • Ohio:                        Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Cleveland Heights, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo
  • Oklahoma:                Oklahoma City, Tulsa
  • Oregon:                    Portland
  • Pennsylvania:         Allentown, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Scranton
  • Rhode Island:            Providence
  • South Carolina:         Columbia, Spartanburg
  • South Dakota:           Huron, Sioux Falls
  • Tennessee:               Chattanooga, Knoxville, Memphis, Nashville
  • Texas:                     Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
  • Utah:                        Salt Lake City
  • Virginia:                  Arlington, Charlottesville, Falls Church, Fredericksburg, Harrisonburg, Newport News, Richmond, Roanoke
  • Vermont:                  Colchester
  • Washington:            Kent, Richland, Seattle, Spokane, Takoma, Vancouver
  • Wisconsin:               Green Bay, Madison, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Sheboygan,
  • West Virginia:            Charleston
  • American Territory:    Puerto Rico: San Juan


Welcome to America

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  1. Governor McCrory in NC has already declared we will NOT take any refugees..Concerned? So, do something…call the U.S. Capitol and let them know that you OPPOSE REFUGEES THAT POSE A THREAT in the United States. 1-202-224-3121 The automated operator will ask you what State, and transfer you to your Senator and your State Representative. It takes about 2 minutes. I called. Share too.

  2. Governor McCrory can say whatever he want’s, it’s illegal for state side government to reject Refugee’s, as it’s a federal jurisdictional issue.

    • No it isn’t. The States can deny services period. Then resettle them all with Obama and let him support them all. TAXPAYERS HAVE A SAY AND WE HAVE SPOKEN

  3. These numbers look really off. The first number you give is 10k minimum to 180 cities which is 1.8mil people. Not unreasonable there. But they say each person an bring 8 extra people which knocks that number to 90k per city minimum to 180 cities which is 16.2 million people which is roughly 73% of the population of Syria,something seems really unlikely.

  4. Honestly I’ve seen what the refugees are doing to other countries they were plopped in. Instead of being grateful and trying to respect the culture of the country they are in, they are horrible. There’s videos of young men beating up girls over what they are wearing in The Netherlands, there’s crap all over the news about their customs. I live in NC, and I have a conceal and carry… let one of them attempt to beat me up.

  5. We have people living on the streets no job car less not enough to eat American citizens no place like America do we put our people last and immigrants first

  6. I’m a vet that is just getting by. Why aren’t vets being taken care of or homeless. Why should we pay taxes? Apparently the government doesn’t need our money or they wouldn’t give it to 90,000 non citizens of the US. Obama take care of your own country before taking care of another. Mark my words cause I see it now this country will soon have another civil war due to all these retarded actions.

  7. Basic arithmetic and simple reasoning are your friends, unless you really believe that we’re taking in a good 71% of the Syrian population.

    • If they actually get everything promised, I believe we may get 75%. They live in a cesspool and are being offered a free life. Don’t be shocked when the numbers go up, not down.

    • A friend with the air force told me they are bring in anyone who desires to immigrate to the USA, doesn’t have to be Syrian.He has heard that even people from Yemen & Libya were included…

  8. I can understand families with women and children, but most of them are young men!! Wonder what the intentions of those young men are????

  9. How in the heck are immigrants going to live in Walnut Creek, San Jose, Los Gatos, San Francisco, etc. Middle class people cannot afford to live in those cities – who’s going to finance the housing for these new immigrants Taxpayers??


  11. If a Governor had the best interest of their state, they would ask their state to vote on subjects destroying America and tell nobama kiss our A_ _ because the will of the people has spoken. Send the refugees and their leader packing.e Governor could also withhold their taxes until corruption, greed and subversion is wiped out. Thanks and GOD BLESS

  12. Really, you political shit heads spent 1.1 billion of our hard earned tax dollars to bring in people that are going to end up trying to cut our heads off, when we have homeless family’s and veterans and, not to forget piss poor medical for the veteransand senior citizens. Then after they use up the 90 days of resettlement money,they will drain the wellfare system that you will probably drain social security.
    Oh, and by the way, those are some pretty big 3 year old orphans.

  13. We have illegals, drug dealers, gunrunners, slave traders and terrorists coming in all along our borders but obama says that’s okay. HE wants it that way. “We must be tolerant and help the unfortunate”.

    Now he wants to bring in all these Syrian Refugees while WE go without jobs and AFFORDABLE medical care. obama says it’s okay because HE wants them here.

    Our veterans are dying because they have to wait so long before finally being able to see a doctor, yet NOTHING has been done to fix this Big Greedy Political Mess we call the VA! And obama says…wait a minute…he’s not saying anything about this!

    Our country is being turned into a Socialistic state.

    Our “leaders” in D.C. refuse to listen to us.

    Since 1958 we’ve never had a problem with mass murders until 2008 when they SUDDENLY SPIKED…AND ARE STILL SPIKING! (Go ahead…Google it!)

    And if the shooters are MUSLIM, obama calls it “work place violence” and wants to make MORE laws to try and get OUR guns instead of enforcing the hundreds of gun laws already on the books.

    Our Welfare and healthcare system is swamped with illegals but, hey, let’s add the Syrian refugees to it, too. After all, it’s just taxpayer money!

    I’m done with greedy lying politicians, and all this insanity!

    I’m voting for Trump! At least HE’S listening to us and saying the same things WE are!


  15. I have never seen such a bunch of cowardly sissies in my life. Ooooh…. these women men and little kids are soooo scary. The US is lost if its people have devolved to the point where they are fearful of their own shadows. Other countries are welcoming these refugees – victims of the monsters – with open arms, but Americans are too terrified and instead lie (10K, not 100K) or go out and buy another gun. Morons. Wimps. Cowards.

    • Tacitus, Sadly your are some what out of touch with the realities of the geopolitical situation. Please do “your own” research to discover the facts and exclude your “feelings” or “what you have been told.” Europe is facing great problems which we may well be sharing in shortly if not addressed. I would also add for your edification the the USA immigration issue is now a “two front” problem. I.E. Europe and Mexico/ S. America. I wish you good fortune. However, I will add that it is the driver whom drives with their eyes closed that is destine for misfortune.


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