Obama Wants $1 BILLION For Post Presidency Legacy

Obama Wants $1 BILLION For Post Presidency Legacy

Narcissist Obama wants $1 BILLION to fund his post-presidential legacy, which will include his presidential library and a series of political causes that he believes in.


Breitbart reported that in recent months, Obama has been hobnobbing with wealthy CEOs and Wall Street bankers at the White House, drinking “extra-dry Grey Goose martinis” as he waxes eloquently about his presidential library. Tech moguls have pitched him ways to make his library a digital state-of-the-art facility to expand his policies around the world.


Director Steven Spielberg has also taken a key role in plotting Obama’s future, according to the Times, developing a narrative for the first black president after he leaves the White House.


If successful, Obama’s billion dollar effort would double the amount raised by former President George W. Bush for his presidential library. Former President Bill Clinton’s library reportedly cost $165 million.




This is Obama’s legacy. 

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