Obama Wants To Block ’21 Year Old Kids’ From Buying Handguns


Obama told his wealthy San Francisco friends to stop mass shootings by mobilizing for gun control.


Once again Obama used the church shooting in Charleston to push his agenda insisting that mass shootings were “unique” to America because of its gun laws, adding such events don’t happen as often in other “advanced countries.”

“It’s not because there aren’t violent people or racist people or crazy people in other countries; it’s that a 21-year-old kid can’t just walk in and buy a firearm and, oftentimes, through gun shows, avoid background checks, and then act on this hatred,” he said. “And we’ve got to change that, and it’s not enough for us to express sympathy — we have to take action.”

Obama stated that in a Republican-led Congress, it would be difficult to pass any legislation. “It is not going to happen in this Congress, but we have to stay on it so that it does,” he said.

H/T Breitbart

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  1. His ignorance is exposed yet again! It is already against the law for a minor child to purchase a handgun! A person attaining the age of 21 is no longer a minor “child”!!!

  2. It is typically psychiatric drugs that cause horrendous anti-social behavior. It is not American to not allow a 21 year old in his or her right mind to own a hand gun. If they are old enough to fight for this country and vote, they are old enough to own a hand gun so long as they pass a stringent background check….to include mental as well as criminal checks. This is a must.


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