Rebel Rebellion III%


  1. Yes we wii revolt. Its our right to try to save our country and keep our constitution as the founding fathers wrote it.

  2. You crazy bastids sat for 2920 days, while Bush spit on our Constitution, took our rights and our Privacy away, LIED us into an illegal invasion, and destroyed this country. Don’t you DARE start with this B S now, you bunch of Racist pigs………….

    • You’re a moron… no one is saying Bush was any better – – they are all the same – corrupt! If you think Obama cares about you your high on kool aid! Michelle just took another vacation and took her harpy mother and we paid for that!! They are worth millions and can afford to pay for their own vacation! HE IS AN ILLEGL POTUS and that has nothing to do with his color you RACIST ass! YOU ARE THE RACIST! Look what Obamacare is doing to this country – PEOPLE ARE DYING!! Kids are going without life saving meds! People are divorcing so they don’t have to pay high premiums – Obama is destroying this country and people like you are responsible!

    • What about the people who complained about bush also. They both suck . Am I racist because I despise both equally the race card is so played out. Only pulled out when someone has no argument. Your point sucks. Ignorant pig

    • How much Kool-Aid you been drinking? The two don’t even compare. So don’t go on the tired, old talking points that it’s all Bush. There were enough complaints then too.

    • As bad as Bush’s actions were (and I’ll never argue that they weren’t) they did not present anywhere near the potential danger to the American public as Obama’s actions. Bush, as bad as he was, could have been recovered from. Obama will, if not stopped, ultimately destroy us.

    • Even if so, you are suggesting MORE violations to our constitution will make it “fair?” And don’t be naive… Iraqi invasion was NOT Bush’s idea but rather Clinton’s and Albrights before Bush was ever in office. Keep in mind that pretty much ALL of your democrat heroes voted Yay for going into Iraq. Lay off the Kool Aid and MSNBC.

      • I agree with your assessment, however, your comment that “my democratic heroes” is a nauseating thought, I do not care for any dem, and there are very few republicans I care for, nor do I trust any of them; politicians are all out for themselves and their cushy lifelong benefit package that comes with the job; I do like West and Palin and of course Cowdy and Paul but they too are guilty… why didn’t any of them reveal that Obama was a fraud and not eligible for potus since he is NOT a natural born citizen! Congress is worthless, and there must be term limits or nothing will ever change!

  3. This not our government it is a foreign corporation. and this POS some call president holds the office in Treason. NO member of the BAR may hold ANY public office PERIOD. Congress is part of the executive branch by presidential fiat. Remember their first criminal elect Lincoln BAR member did away with congress it was brought by one of Lincolns’ predecessors never ratified no congress to do so, never signed into “law”

    • There are so many lawyers members of the bar who become politicians. The constitution does not mention this at all only the rules of professional conduct. That does not make Obama a traitor as the American people voted him there


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